1-cylinder Mahindra can carry more than a Ford F-150

The vast majority of bragging rights amongst utes are generally based on engine size, how much horsepower and torque they make and what size tyres you can fit on it legally. Going back to the basics, a ute’s principle use is to throw stuff in the tray, so you’d think that payload capacity would be one of those big numbers up there, cause not all utes are created equally. Enter the Mahindra Jeeto.

Yep, really… the little 1-cylinder can carry more! (Image: Jalopnik)

Weighing in at a staggering 685Kg, and sporting a rear-mounted massive 1-cylinder 625CC diesel engine which putting out a rather ridiculous 16 whole horse-power,  you’d expect this thing to be the laughing stock of India. We’re going to destroy the expectations because the little ‘Jeeto that could’, can carry a whopping 700Kg in it’s tray. Yep, it’ll carry more than it’s own weight in the back. Put it next to the American 3.5L EcoBoost powered Ford F-150 SuperCrew 4X4 and this 1-cylinder Mahindra has a payload of a touch over 50Kg more (the F-150 is rated at 648Kg payload).

Slant 1… So it’s kind of almost a V1… Chrome V1 badge on the side anyone?

Ok, so we may have cherry picked that specific F-150, as most will carry just over 700Kg, but then there’s the V6-powered mighty, unstoppable Raptor – which will only carry 453Kg – so there’s not just the one that gets it’s backside handed to it by a tiny little truck that’s got five fewer cylinders! Don’t get us wrong, the F-150 is a mean bit of gear, and will out perform the 1-Cylinder Mahindra in just about every other conceivable way, but next to the Indian workhorse that will cost you around AUD$5,300 and you live life to the phrase ‘bang for buck’, it really is a no brainer. 

The brouchure tells us the little Jeeto has a deck size of 6.5ft long, and is suitable for “Heavy weight, high volume, faster deliver” work… ‘Faster delivery’ might be a bit of a misnomer, however.

For what it is, the Jeeto really is a cool little ute – however, we don’t expect to see them down under any time soon. What we do want to see is one of these little rigs with another on the back! A truck trucking trucks perhaps?

We initially heard about this from the folks over at Truckyeah


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  • What an ugly and useless POS! Put a 3t trailer on it and see how it goes on a hill..I guess the 457 visa drivers will feel right at home in one of these..

  • Couldn’t pull the skin off a skinny latte ….

    Does the payload include the driver sitting in the back too ??? because I guarantee I couldn’t fit in the drivers seat for many reasons – #1 being I’m over 5′ tall (6’3″ actually)

    No self respecting REAL Aussie male would even look at something as crappy as this let alone buy one … We have ride on mowers at work with 10 times the power . …

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  • “… ‘Faster delivery’ might be a bit of a misnomer, however.”

    How long would it take an F-150 to deliver 700 kg? . . . . . . (don’t forget the F-150 is rated to 648Kg!)

    Don’t think too long on that, as the “little ‘Jeeto that could’” has already strapped down & is about to take off.

  • i think they use the same engine in the rotary hoe things that the farmers drive around on in Tibet, no power, no brakes, plenty of emissions, Load capacity in China would be determined by loading it up till the axle breaks then subtract 20kg. LOL

  • I’d definitely use one around the Tweed Heads area moving our dog(s) and bikes. Wack a big locking tool box in and it’s a top shopping trolley too. The perfect Geezer-mobile! I’d put advertising on it and it’d pay for itself 👍🐘

  • In some ways modern technology sucks. Concerning one cylinder motors at least. ( but maybe other aspects as well)
    At any decent ag show featuring a good old fashioned tractor pull the mighty Bulldog tractor stands out.
    This single cylinder, old and historic tractor just digs in and pulls, it is still a match for modern equipment.
    It pulls the sled until friction and drag stops all forward motion and then just hangs on the chain, with front wheels off the ground as the big rear wheels continue rotating, with undiminished revs, while digging themselves into a hole.
    This antique tractor has more grunt than a sumo wrestler and sounds great as its exhaust blows smoke rings into the air.
    Has no cabin or air con of course and needs the application of a blow torch to the head before rocking the flywheel to start it.
    Unsurprisingly , it seems that once started the owners are reluctant to turn them off and they can be seen at the shows, just sitting there ” dancing” or rocking on their wheels. as the big diesel thumps away at idle. ( i believe they are about 60 HP— on one cylinder)

  • Its about time we really held our manufacturers to account serving up the current crop of lousy GVM utes that simply cannot do what we expect of them legally. Just refer to the article I wrote for January Pat Callinans 4×4 Mag – “Overloaded Uninsured and Dangerous” where if we fitted half the accessories really needed for safe outback travel then hooked up a campertrailer (but not necessarily) one passenger is about all the ute can carry or maybe you can fill up that big fuel tank or maybe carry the water we need out there. Just pathetic capacity utes and forget the 500kg GVM upgrades as most of the extra mass will be on the back axle and we will break these utes. And if you figure a Ford 150 or similar crop of big US utes will do the job – think again, they have pretty crap payload capacity all round. By the way take a look at the latest Prado less than 600kg payload, now bung in the 2 passengers (200kg), fill the 145l tank (140kg), fridge, water and food, bullbar, bit of camping gear (150-200kg easily) and its stuffed! Dont put on a tow bar or try to put 150kg on the ball or take the kids and their gear. I rest my case…… Our magazines need to take manufacturers to task on this issue BIG TIME.

  • Yep, our utes are a joke, just give us a decent payload, not all this bs like coloured grills and other useless garbage.
    Perhaps manufactures could offer a dual range , one for people who want a proper ute and one for the ‘look at me ‘ wankers.