Announcement: Big Red Bash No Longer at Big Red

ByAllysia MurrayJune 28, 2016
Announcement: Big Red Bash No Longer at Big Red

If you’re looking at track reports in the days coming up to the Big Red Bash, you’ll be seeing a lot of ‘closed’ and ‘light traffic only’ notices on roads leading into Birdsville. The rain over this past weekend in the region has forced a lot of roads to close. But, the show must go on.

Today, the Big Red Bash organisers announced they would be relocating the venue to Birdsville after adverse weather has made the tracks to Big Red unfit for such a large amount of traffic.

The venue will now be at the Birdsville Oval, which is in the centre of town opposite the Birdsville Hotel. All details about the concert remain the same except for the site it will be at. Birdsville has a range of camping options including the Birdsville Caravan Park, as well as free camping areas around town.

Good weather forecasts indicate that with any luck, road conditions will improve so ticket holders can still have the chance to take the scenic drive out to Big Red. And if you’re downhearted that you won’t be camping there, look on the bright side: at the very least, you’ll be closer to the Birdsville Bakery to grab one of their famous pies!

Keep up to date with road conditions before you head out with the link below, and safe travels!