Australia’s leading battery manufacturer has upped the ante in supporting all things Australian made – launching to the market the only sealed maintenance free (SMF) battery designed and built in Australia.

The days of having to top up fluid in your battery are over with Century Batteries spending millions of dollars on technology upgrading their Queensland operation to develop and manufacture a range of SMF batteries wholly designed for Australian conditions.

Century’s Australasian Automotive General Manager Stu Stanners said at a time when the Reserve Bank was reporting manufacturing in Australia was at its lowest ever, Century’s bucking the trend by investing millions of dollars into expanding its Australian manufacturing facility.

“Just as Australians have supported the dairy industry we want people to know we are about keeping jobs here,” Mr Stanners said, “We employ over 600 people alone and when you take into account the other national businesses dependent on our contracts this stretches to thousands of Aussie jobs. So you can see why we are passionate about keeping manufacturing in Australia.

“Our manufacturing operations reaches Australian businesses all around the country as far south as Port Pirie in South Australia for lead, to New South Wales for recycled components and back to Queensland for plastics and signage.

“Century has a long history of manufacturing in Australia – starting in New South Wales 88 years ago. While the Reserve Bank study suggests the future for Australian manufacturing lies in conducting research, development and design at home while doing production offshore: we have invested millions of dollars to ensure we continue to be operational in Australia for years to come.

“Not to mention this is a damn good battery. It is built to withstand the robust conditions of Australian motoring including our extreme weather conditions. Batteries fail in extremes – mostly cold but equally when temperatures exceed 36 degrees Celsius – common in many parts of Australia- and in some all year round.

“As a nation we are all becoming increasingly time poor and many people are not as car savvy as previous generations. These new batteries have been two years in the making: we have invested heavily in research and development and have put the battery through rigorous testing before launching to market.”

Century’s Training & Development Manager Johnny Kennedy said vehicle technology continues to become increasingly complex incorporating advanced electronics and engine management systems all placing greater demand and expectation on a battery.

“Our new batteries incorporate design enhancements and internal improvements to maximise performance, improve overall battery life and, in the majority of cases, deliver improved performance ratings,” Mr Kennedy said.

“Our decision to produce a local SMF battery not only took in market research but a range of factors including batteries are no longer confined to under the bonnet. Increasingly we are seeing fitments under seats and in the boot – and this is more suited to an SMF design.”

Next time you need a reliable long lasting battery for your car, 4WD, boat or caravan make sure you insist on a Century battery and support Aussie manufacturing.

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  • Millions of dollars invested into Century Batteries for the SMF project
  • Over $3 million spent on upgrading plant technology
  • 100’s of millions put back into Australian economy
  • Employs over 600 across Australia
  • Majority of employees tenure spanning over 15 years with the longest at 43 years
  • 1.5 million batteries produced a year
  • 360,000 battery plates are made per day, five days a week – close to two million a week (Placed end to end you could cover the distance from Brisbane to Perth and back.)
  • 28 million grids produced a year
  • 55 tonnes of lead is used per day in manufacturing these batteries.
  • $1.5 million a year is spent on electricity – $900,000 for the charging room alone
  • Century’s manufacturing facility is unique, with a purpose built acid levelling and inspection station – the only one in Australia
  • Century is constantly reviewing work place safety recently introducing robot technology which allows for battery packing and storage, lifting up to four 20kg batteries at any one time
  • Century is committed to responsible stewardship
  • Century’s Battery recycling program boasts over 1100 registered Battery Recycling Centre’s around Australia
  • Manufacturing incorporates recycled lead from recycling disused batteries