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Steinbauer Power Modules

Did you know that your common-rail diesel engine is supplied from the factory with less-than-perfect fuel injection settings, and that you could be missing out...


Driving Tips: Animal Strikes

Animal strikes are simply a matter of “when” not “if” when you’re doing some big miles through the bush. While there are things you can do to minimise the...


Croc vs 4X4

Ever wondered if your vehicle is tougher than a croc?

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Outback Legends: Tom Kruse

We ran across outback legend Tom Kruse’s old Leyland Badger recently on a trip through South Australia and were reminded of his incredible story. One of the...

How To Travel Vehicles

Driving Tip: Giving Way

When you travel through outback Australia there are a few things you’re almost guaranteed to encounter: animals, insects, tough sections of track and, of...


Destination Guide: Big Red

Just out of Birdsville on the eastern edge of the Simpson Desert is a sand dune. Now there’s 1100 dunes that you’ll have to negotiate when crossing the desert...