Camping Hotspot – Horseyard Flat, VIC High Country

ByDex FultonApril 15, 2016
Camping Hotspot – Horseyard Flat, VIC High Country

Nestled along the banks of the Moroka River in the Victorian High Country is a beaut little campsite that’s called Horseyard Flat. It’s a bit of a misnomer, as there is no provision for horses there anymore (although the old hitching posts and split rails are still there), but it’s a minor negative when you consider how much this place has to offer the camper. There are long drops, plenty of firewood and some of the most scenic camping you can imagine. Even better, you don’t even need low-range to get there – it’s right off the Wonnangatta road and can be reached by any 4X4 without a worry and, oh yeah, it’s only a few hours drive from Melbourne.

Once you’ve set up camp, the list of activities available is almost endless. Simply crack a tinny and enjoy the sounds of the native fauna and the water burbling over the rocks as you warm your feet by the fire in your favourite camp chair, or head on down to the river bank and flick a lure to entice a nice brown trout onto your hook for a truly memorable camp meal. There is also a nice little bushwalk over the footbridge and down an at-times steep path that will take you to several waterfalls and into the narrow, rocky Moroka Gorge.


If you’re feeling adventurous, jump back in the car and head back up Wonnangatta Road a little to the Pinnacles, which is a rural fire station that offers an almost 360º view of the Wonnangatta Valley below, the Gippsland Lakes to the south and Mount Hotham to the north. Trust us, the climb up the stairs along the ridgeline is worth it!

Or, if you want a truly challenging drive that has views that are absolutely mind-blowing, lock the fourby into low and give the infamous Billy Goat Bluff Track a crack. This is arguably one of the best driving tracks in the country with super steep terrain and an outlook to either side that’ll have you thinking you’re in the Swiss Alps. It’s equal parts terrifying and gorgeous, and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a ball.

Horseyard Flats is one of the most popular campgrounds in the High Country, and is part of the Wonnangatta Drive, which if you have a few days, is well worth it. Although, if you’re looking to just spend a few quiet nights by the fire in bush bliss, this is one place that’ll more than fit the bill, and if you’re anything like us, it’s a safe bet you’ll want to come back.


What’s your favourite High Country camping spot?