20 Sep 2018
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Driving Tip: Giving Way 

When you travel through outback Australia there are a few things you’re almost guaranteed to encounter: animals, insects, tough sections of track and, of course, plenty of amazing scenery. However the one I want to talk about is road trains and other heavy vehicles.  …

Timing the Tides on beach driving
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Driving Tip: Timing The Tides 

  While this Pajero has definitely seen better days, it also highlights the importance of driving in favourable tide conditions when travelling on the beach. In this case, we had to wait until the tide was out so we could sneak around this headland, and…

Snatch Block
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How to use a snatch block. 

4X4 Technique: snatch blocks are one of the most versatile tools in your recovery kit. They work as a pulley point that can redirect your winch line for a multitude of uses.   For example: say you come across a downed tree blocking the track….