Dolium Poly Diesel Footwell Tank

ByEvan SpenceApril 15, 2016
Dolium Poly Diesel Footwell Tank

The ability to store and carry additional fuel while exploring this wide brown land is extremely desirable, but what do you do if it’s physically impossible to install an auxiliary fuel tank? Sure, Jerry Cans are cheap to buy and allow small amounts of fuel to be stored, but they can be a hassle to access while on the road. Surely there is a more modern solution? You guessed it, there is!

The Poly Diesel Footwell Tank from Dolium sits neatly on the rear floor area of a wagon or dual cab 4X4. The main point of interest is the tank weighs just 5kg thanks to the poly construction. It will also hold a decent 40L of diesel, which is nothing to sneeze at.

The diesel tank includes a filler cap at the top of the tank with a 1/2 BSP brass insert for longevity. There are also two outlets making for easy filling of your four-wheel drive’s main fuel tank when the time comes. A vent and short hose kit is included too, allowing the tank to breathe.

If you have kids with short legs that won’t mind the reduced cabin space, or rarely have passengers in the back seats, a fuel storage system such as this makes the world of sense. Best of all, the Dolium Poly Diesel Footwell Tank is affordably priced from just $250.

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