Hannibal Safari Awnings

ByAllysia MurrayMarch 3, 2016
Hannibal Safari Awnings

hannibal-2How to set up a Hannibal Safari awning:

Step 1. Roll out awning

Step 2. Fold out poles

Step 3. Clip in poles and secure canvas with velcro

Step 4. That’s it.

Now I can’t tell you how long it took Hannibal Safari Equipment to come up with a design as ingenious as this, but I’m guessing it was a little longer than the one minute it takes to set up their awnings. Speed and ease were at the centre of their design process, and it appears they succeeded. Unlike other products on the market, they wanted to design an awning that could be used at any point on a trip and not just when you reach your destination – be it for a pit stop lunch on the side of the road or a quick stop at the beach.hannibal-4

Hannibal Safari Equipment have had 15 years of experience in South Africa making safari equipment like roof racks, roof top tents and awnings, so they know a little about tough conditions and how important durability is. They also know that people don’t want to be dealing with flapping or torn awnings, pegs and ropes, and it appears they found a solution. Their awnings don’t have posts, pegs or ropes, so there’s no tripping on ropes or shimmying posts into position. “But what about when it’s windy?” I hear you ask. Hannibal Safari say that the self-supporting design structure means that their awnings will always stay stable when the wind blows.


Their ‘Dynaproofed’ canvas is waterproof and strengthened by double-stitch seams. LED lights are an optional extra that run along the length of the poles, as are zip-on walls, turning your awning into a change room or an extra sleeping room, or just provide protection from the elements when the rain decides to come down sideways. The screened windows on the walls are a nice touch too, providing protection from mozzie bites and a little ventilation at the same time.


Hannibal Safari awnings come in two lengths: 1.9m x 15cm x 15cm and 2.4m x 15cm x 15cm. Depending on the size and optional walls, they range in weight from 10 to 21kg and prices start at $960. For a full list of specifications, check out their website HERE.