Johnno’s Off Road Deluxe Camper Trailer

ByDex FultonMay 10, 2016
Johnno’s Off Road Deluxe Camper Trailer

The sub-twenty-thousand dollar camper trailer market seems to be getting smaller all the time, at least when it comes to quality off-road capable units that are built to handle the rigours encountered when travelling through the remote Aussie bush. Sure, there are still a few examples of good, cheap trailers getting around, but they can be hard to find among the masses of flimsy imports that wouldn’t last a drive through a Maccas carpark, let alone a full-on off-road adventure. So it can often seem as though you’ll need to fork out a significant chunk of change if you want something that’s going to cut the mustard.


Enter the Johnno’s Campers Off Road Deluxe. It offers plenty of strength and off-road ability, with all the comfortable inclusions that allow you to camp in style, without the price tag that has you playing eeny-meeny-miney-mo with the kids’ university funds. Priced from just $18,490, these represent top value, and you know you’re getting something that’ll make it anywhere your tow vehicle can, and back again.


It has everything needed for family camping – a queen-size high-density mattress, four-burner stove and grill, 60L water tank and plenty of internal room that’ll easily accommodate your partner and tin-lids without a worry. It’s all built on a sturdy 50x50mm Duragal frame with a 100x50mm drawbar. There’s a tried and true beam axle and leaf-spring combo as well as an off-road coupling and 10in Jockey wheel. The 31in tyres on 15in steel rims are pulled up by electric brakes and the whole show weighs in at a svelte 680kgs so it can be comfortably towed behind any mid-size SUV.


If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, sturdy trailer for getting the tribe into the bush in style and comfort without getting a second mortgage on the house, this could be right up your alley.

To see the Johnno’s difference for yourself and find out more about their expanding new range of products, contact your nearest Johnno’s Camper Trailer Agent on 1300 725 451 or visit the website johnnoscampertrailers.com.au