An Australian icon will guide fearless rally drivers thrashing cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV‟s, buggies and custom fabricated vehicles through the unforgiving Mexican desert from November 17-20.

Lightforce, a global leader in portable professional lighting systems, driving lights, rifle-scope optics and lighting accessories, has been named as the „official light‟ of the 44th Annual Tecate SCORE Baja 1000.
Over 300 entrants from approximately 20 countries will brave the hardcore on-and-off-road rally track which begins in Ensenada, Mexico and runs for 1061.69 miles across the blistering Baja California Peninsula.
As a sponsor of the event, Lightforce will provide Australian-made driving lights from its award-winning Genesis, XGT and Remote Mount Driving Light ranges.
Lightforce Marketing Communications Manager, Mr Haydn Ryan, said that being named as the official light of the Baja 1000 was a testament to the quality and durability of Lightforce products.
“The SCORE Baja 1000 is one of the most prestigious and intense desert racing events – not only in the United States and Mexico, but internationally,” Mr Ryan said.
“The motor-sport phenomenon is staged in some of the most treacherous conditions in the world and Lightforce knows that the Mexican desert is not for the fainthearted. Not many driving lights are capable of withstanding this type of punishment”
“However, at Lightforce, we have a focus on creating a superior sporting experience for rally drivers, no matter what conditions they may face.”
Mr Ryan said that all Lightforce products had been tailored to handle the harsh conditions of the Australian outback, and as a result, were the toughest and most reliable driving lights on the market.
“Our original Aussie-made Lightforce driving lights are designed to endure and thrive in all conditions, from the rugged desert to the freezing Alaskan tundra.”
“The conditions of the Mexican desert may be intimidating – but they are no match for Lightforce.”
The Baja 1000 is the final event of the five-race SCORE Desert Series, which also includes the Baja 500, the San Felipe 250 and the Primm 300.

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