Machinery House Tool Tip: Pedestal Drill

ByEvan SpenceJanuary 15, 2016
Machinery House Tool Tip: Pedestal Drill

There are tools that make the job easier, and there are tools that produce a higher quality job. And then in some cases, there are tools that do both. Sure, a hand drill will get you a fair way when it comes to metal or wood projects, however, the biggest limitation that a hand drill has is that no matter how good an eye or strong a hand you’ve got, it’s next to impossible to drill a perfectly straight hole without any external support. That’s not an attack on anyone’s skills – that’s just the truth. For any drilling jobs that require a measure of precision, the best solution is a bench or pedestal drill press.

It is easy to think a drill press is a tool for occasional use, but in reality, a drill press is a piece of equipment that you will find uses for time and time again. Whether it’s drilling holes in sheet metal, plywood or plastic, a drill press will ensure a high-quality result every time.


The benefits don’t just stop at the overall quality of a job though. Using a drill press is also much safer than using a hand drill, because once the material is clamped in place (you did clamp it in place, right?), it would take something going drastically wrong for it to move. Drill presses are also proven to significantly extend the life of your drill bits over a hand drill; this is especially true when drilling through heavier-gauge steel.

We spoke with Hare & Forbes Machinery House for quotes on a variety of pedestal drills found they start from $319 for a bench model SBD-20B & $352 for the pedestal SPD-20B. If you’re looking at purchasing your own pedestal drill, you can find out more information on these units at www.machineryhouse.com.au.