OffRoad Systems Drawers – And Why You Need Them

ByDex FultonMarch 21, 2016
OffRoad Systems Drawers – And Why You Need Them

Drawers are broadly misunderstood in the 4X4 community. There’s a bit of a misconception that they’re purely for storage and simply provide a place to put your stuff, however we’re not sure we necessarily agree. They’re more than that. Sure, you can throw your dirty recovery gear, cooking essentials, tools and all manner of things in them, but rather than just being a place for your odds and ends, their more important role is to keep your stuff organised.

There will inevitably be a situation where you need a particular widget, and rather sifting frantically through bags, boxes and trying to peer under seats without slipping a disc, you simply know it’s “in the left drawer, next to the spare loo paper.”


Take a medical emergency for example. A snake bites a person in your party. Without drawers you’re scrambling for the first aid kit, which you’re pretty sure is under that Space Case that’s holding up the solar panel that’s leaning against the BBQ plate that’s under the dome tent. Three and a half minutes later, you’ve finally wrestled the kit free and you’re praying your mate isn’t too cranky at you for taking so long.

Conversely, with drawers you quickly and efficiently locate the first aid in its place in the right drawer next to the mozzie repellent and have the compression bandage on a couple of minutes later and your mate on his way to the emergency room for a dose of anti-venom a couple of minutes after that.


Ok, extreme example maybe but it’s pretty easy to see the advantages of having a quality set of drawers in the back. One Aussie-made and owned company that’s been at the forefront of storage innovation for years now is OffRoad Systems (ORS) in Smeaton Grange, NSW. They offer a range of products to suit just about every 4X4 and pride themselves on focusing on putting out a top product, not the bottom line.

With GVMs getting thinner and thinner with modern vehicles, their new Superlight Series even take weight into consideration. The system utilises a combination of an aluminium drawer and frame, as well as a highly developed, lightweight and waterproof plywood to dramatically reduce the weight of their already light systems. They’re even rated to carry the same weight as the galvanized steel units.

With rising fuel costs and the need to reduce the stress that a vehicle endures while touring, it is essential to keep the weight to a minimum.

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