For the past few months, when out on our adventures, we’ve been using the Optus SatSleeve Plus. The beauty of the this device, unlike traditional satphones, is that it can be used with your own Apple or Android smartphone.

The SatSleeve+ is a quick and easy way to transform your compatible smartphone or tablet into a satellite device. So if you’re out and about travelling to areas where you’ve got no 3G/4G coverage, the SatSleeve can keep you connected right across Australia, with 100% coverage wherever you are (as long as you’ve got line of sight to the satellite).

Optus SatSleeve product review
Optus SatSleeve product review

The SatSleeve connects your device through a WiFi connection. Once connected, you can drive the SatSleeve through the free SatSleeve app, and you’ll be able to access your contacts and enjoy calls, SMS, emails, instant messaging, social media and your apps – all using your own device (charges apply).

The SatSleeve works with any mobile provider, so you can use it whether you have an Optus service or not.

The SatSleeve has its own SIM card with a satellite mobile number, and connects your device to Thuraya’s satellite network, so it works in Australia as well as 160 countries throughout Asia, Europe, The Middle East and Africa. So whether you are calling from the Outback or the Sahara, you can worry less, and stay in touch for longer.