Product Spotlight: Clearview Mirrors

ByAllysia MurrayNovember 12, 2015
Product Spotlight: Clearview Mirrors

Towing a van or large trailer eliminates one of the three mirrors you depend on to safely manoeuvre your vehicle, so it makes sense that your trip is also going to be safer and less tiring if you’ve got mirrors you can depend on. Clearview Mirrors are full replacement mirrors for your existing side mirrors and are built for tough Aussie conditions. They offer wider views of the lanes beside you and their smaller convex mirrors below take care of blind spots. Clearview Mirrors fit 32 vehicle models and you have a choice between a chrome or black finish.


They’re designed to use the same fittings and wirings as your old side mirrors which makes for an easy DIY installation. Though if you’d prefer, you’ve got a choice of 400 dealers nationwide who can both supply and fit the mirrors for you. Whenever you’re ready to tow, just slide the mirrors out an extra 100mm for a wider view of what you’re towing and off you go. They also manually fold both forward and backward for tight squeezes in car parks. Knowing what’s going on behind you makes looking at the road ahead all the more enjoyable. So whether you’re negotiating a crowded campsite, reversing down a boat ramp into the water, driving down a tight bush track or cruising down a busy highway, Clearview Mirrors are your biggest asset.


Price depends on application, starting from $695. For more information, check out the Clearview Mirrors website.