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Spotters Eyewear

Along with your keys, wallet and recovery gear, something you should never leave home without is good quality eye protection. We’re lucky enough to have oceans, mountains, rainforests and deserts to explore and without adequate protection, we risk damaging our eyes and getting headaches from squinting.


That’s the price we have to pay for living in a country as great as Australia – facing some harsh conditions. Since 1998, Spotters have been making polarised performance eyewear that have 100% protection from both UVA and UVB radiation. Their distortion-free glass lenses provide enhanced depth perception and superior clarity over other sunglasses. They have five sizes from petite to super size, so if your head is the size of a lemon or a melon, you’re bound to find a pair that fits.


They have 10 different lenses to choose from with shades that are specially designed to protect you in various conditions, whether you’re out on the water, biking or driving. And for those who require prescription eyewear, all of Spotters’ frames are suitable for prescription lenses, so there’s no need to compromise quality.




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  • I love the spotters. But my lens started to go Milky like haze over Oh no warranty over a year old so another large amount of money down the drain. It’s only money

  • I second the above comments, 12 years ago on a visit to Sydney from the UK I discovered and bought Spotters sunnies. They go everywhere with me now, wouldn’t consider another make. Awesome clarity, depth perception and relief from glare. Plus they are tough – after 12 years of (ab)use they only just need replacing – which I have just done. As far as I am concerned it’s Spotters first, the rest nowhere.

  • I bought two pair of Spotters about a year ago, blue blockers,[amber glass lens], for driving and some cool blue/green ones for out in the water. Cannot fault either pair, excellent in every way.
    I bought these when I was looking for some decent sunnies and when Pat done the review I was sold.

  • 6 years ago I bought my Spotters with the glass lenses,for use out on the water. They have been the best investment in sunglasses to date, many different polarised sunglasses have been brought out by different deckies and none perform like the spotters. It is not the name that sways them as the Spotters name on the side fell off years ago. No scratches or hinge failures despite the rigours of salt water.

  • Ordered my spotters two weeks ago. When I get them they will be resin lenses because they cannot do the graduated prescriptions in glass. The choice of reflective colour in the lens is also limited. Not that fussed as glass lenses were considered a safety hazard years ago. I do hope mine are as good as they say they are.

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