Tesla pick-up more popular than F-150

ByWes WhitworthJuly 4, 2019
Tesla pick-up more popular than F-150

Despite the nay-sayers screaming blue murder about how evil electric vehicles are, there’s something to be said about the ‘silent majority’. In this day and age, we all have access to the internet, and everything we search for and talk about on social media is counted. So it may come as a bit of a surprise to many, that the new Tesla pick-up is more popular than the F-150 from Ford on social media (think Twitter).

Okay, so that may not sound like a huge deal here in Australia … except that the F-Series is the highest-selling vehicle in the US. Yep, better than Corollas, or Civics. Sure, there has been a heap of hype and suspense surrounding the release of the new Tesla pick-up, but to beat out the Ford F-Series is no small feat. Elon Musk has come out to say the Model P is his favourite, in that he’s most excited about its launch, which is creating a lot of hype unto itself; that, and we’ve seen just one teaser and no firm commitment on the launch date.

Image: Tesla

With all this in mind, the data gathered is from just 100,000 ‘tweets’ from the 500 million that are generated every day. Indeed it is a smaller field compared with the overall number of tweets being posted every day, but the fact that the Tesla pick-up is more popular in the Twitter world than the most popular vehicle in the US is honestly just mind-blowing.

For those that are interested in the developments of the Tesla pick-up, we will be keeping a close eye on it, and reporting on the releases as they come to hand. However, with many things that surround Elon Musk, it may be a while before we see a finished product, and even longer before we see them on our shores. Perhaps with a much faster charge rate, greater range and usability than we’ve seen from most EVs currently on the market, as technology progress marches forward.