The electric Ford F-150 is making a comeback!

The F-150EV... not even a mother could love that face

If you’ve got a love of vehicles that are a little left-of-centre, you may remember back around the turn of the century, Ford dropped the F-150 EV. It wasn’t around for long, didn’t sell well, and had more issues than you can shake an early common-rail diesel engine at, but it looks like the electric Ford F-150 is going to make a comeback.

The original, first released in 1998, was a completely electric plug-in design, with the charging port behind that little grey door in the grille. The vast majority of them were leased as fleet vehicles, and recalled after three to five years. They were of course plagued with issues, from the NiMH battery packs giving up the ghost early, to battery issues in colder climates with the lead-acid variants and their range, so only 1500 of the electric Ford F-150 were ever released.

Is this what it will look like?! Illustration by Alexander Stoklosa of

With the recent proliferation of plug-in electric hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) and the decline in pricing for lithium-ion batteries, Ford is having another bite at the cherry. The news was announced at a private investors event in the US, with Detroit News breaking the story to the world:

“Here’s what’s going to happen next to future-proof that global juggernaut of commercial vehicles,” Farley said. “We’re going to be electrifying the F-Series, both battery-electric and hybrid. And we’re doing the same for Transit.”

We’re not sure on the release date for the new electric Ford F-15, however considering the US variant hasn’t had a proper update since 2015, chances are we can expect to see it either in 2020, or 2021 when Ford releases their new F-150 model. There’s also a rather good chance we’ll see them Down Under with more and more manufacturers bringing their big ‘American Trucks’ to the Aussie public.

The original F-150 EV … not even a mother could love that face

Bear in mind that at this stage, we know next to nothing about the new electric F-150, except that it’s coming, cause we’re still months away from April Fool’s Day.

Given that Ford can prove they’ll survive our climate and conditions, could you see yourself in an electric F-150? Let us know below!


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  • If the vehicle had draws that allowed easy access to replace batteries and parts.

    It should also be easy for mechanics to analyse and replace parts. Hopefully with a normal laptop and a cheap downloadable analysis program.

    It would need to have a full size dual cab with great aircon to replace a diesel Ute in Queensland.

    The RACQ would need to support the vehicle with roadside assistance.

    Then it would be an option to replace your local run around Ute. I think Ford is ten years late bringing it to market.

  • It will have to be comparable in price function and features with the pre production Rivian R1T I stumbled across on YouTube yesterday!

  • Don’t expect lithium ion batteries to decline in price the way solar panels have. I think it’s misleading to say prices have fallen and they’re not likely to fall further. Better technology won’t reduce battery prices the way it has for solar panels; it’s just chemistry and cost of mining that determines price of batteries.

  • We have a Holden Volt electric (runs at 0.7L/100kms and has a 400km plus range), if Ford used simular technology we would be very interested.

    • The hope of that happening would be the same as Politicians reducing their salaries 20% and reducing their benefits 25% 🙂

  • I see on news the government are going to tax electric cars on kilometres they do the fun police at it before it begins!?

    • There is not way an electric vehicle would tow 3.5 ton over a decent range ,a small light Volt is one
      thing not 2ton vehicle and 3.5 load is a very different thing!

  • Yes – as long as it is a hybrid, with a long range fuel capacity and decent fuel efficiency, possibly with a cruise function using half the cylinders/overdrive or when extra power not needed…..

  • Thanks but no thanks……I have enough trouble with reliability keeping a camper trailer full charged with a big solar panel and a CTEK so I’ll not be trusting a fully electric car for remote off grid camping….

    Thanks anyway … but not thanks.

  • Hi, if Ford put the effort in as the Rivian R1T has, and the distances are increased to over 1000k’s whilst providing 5 tonne towing and over a 1 tone carry, it wood compete on the Australian market. I am looking to purchase a electric in 2020/21, best vehicle gets my money.

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