Part of the allure of driving through the Australian outback is that the vast majority of it is unpopulated, remote wilderness. This means that having an additional fuel supply is essential if you’re planning a trip through these areas. The terrain you’re on, the weight of your load and whether you’re towing a trailer can all affect your vehicle’s fuel consumption. Not being able to accurately anticipate unplanned stops along the way and the fuel range you’ll have on low-range only terrain could leave you stranded. One of the best ways of extending that range is to fit up a Longer Ranger fuel tank.


They’re designed for people that want to leave civilization behind, but also have enough juice left in the tank to get them back again. A Long Ranger can be fitted to replace your existing fuel tank or as a large auxiliary tank, and because they’re mounted under the vehicle, you’ll have more space for your camping gear. Pat had one fitted to his Amarok, given that he regularly does big trips exploring all through the bush, often going for weeks without seeing another vehicle, it was one of the first modifications he made, giving him one less thing to worry about when he’s 1000 kilometres from the nearest servo. For more information on Long Ranger fuel and water tanks, follow the link.