Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures Season 11

The new season is upon us, with Season 11 now airing Sundays on Network 10

Episode One – Bylong to the Blue Mountains, airs on the 4th of November, 2018.

Watch the Season 11 Trailer here:



The TV Show – History

Pat Callinan grew up in Outback Australia, at places as far-flung as Brewarrina (Back o’ Bourke) and later on a cherry farm in Young, New South Wales. He learned to drive in Holden utes and a two-stroke LJ50 4WD with a very touchy clutch.

While studying Arts/Law at the University of New England, Pat took his ancient 1972 model 4WD across on a trip to Fraser Island. His vehicle didn’t make it back, getting stranded on rocks with an incoming tide. Watching the body being ripped off the chassis as the vehicle was smashed by the waves, Pat took pictures while licking his wounds. He wrote a story about his misadventure which was published in ‘4X4 Australia’ magazine.

With a $300 cheque from Kerry Packer his career began, sparking the idea that: “You could actually get paid for doing something you love.” Pat decided to do work experience for ‘Bushdriver’, a Sydney- based 4WD magazine. After two weeks, the publishers took him on full-time.

After spending two years at Bushdriver (road testing more than 44 new 4WDs in one year) and travelling to far-flung locations around Australia, Pat was offered a job at Express Publications. The company wanted a new assistant editor for their ad-hoc 4WD magazine. Pat took the job offer, on the proviso that: “You consider me for the editor’s position after two years.” He became editor just three months later – the youngest editor of an Australian 4WD magazine (aged just 22). Under Pat’s leadership, the bi-monthly magazine turned monthly, and changed its name to ‘Australian 4WD Monthly’ (now ‘Australian 4WD Action’). The early years were a struggle, with the magazine selling just 5,500 copies per month – up against 30-year-old rivals selling over 18,000 copies. Within five years though, Pat achieved his career goal and took a previously unknown magazine to the position of category sales leader. When Pat left the magazine eight years later, it was selling 38,500 copies per month more than doubling the competitor’s sales.

Pat looked to a different form of media for a new challenge: Television.

Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures
‘Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures’ is Australia’s first nationally broadcast 4X4 TV series.
Pat makes good use of his lifetime love of 4X4 touring to showcase the most beautiful destinations this country has to offer, as well as giving the audience informative, inspirational and down to earth entertainment that’s geared to ‘getting you out there’. It is a family focused show, that also strives to demonstrate how travelling with children can be rewarding – that by experiencing Australia’s natural beauty our kids can develop a healthy appreciation and awareness of why our homeland is ‘The Lucky Country’.

Pat’s natural ability to communicate, along with his profound love of the landscape and his desire to entice everyone to enjoy it, allows him to get his point across in an educational and entertaining way.
Our goal is also to communicate the importance of the 4WD Code of Ethics and Eco-Sensible travel practices; and to undo the damage done by previous forms of 4WD activities.

There’s barely a track Pat hasn’t driven – He has showcased the Canning Stock Route, the Simpson Desert, Cape York, Tasmania, the Kimberley, the Victorian High Country, the Flinders Ranges, Fraser Island, the Blue Mountains, the Red Centre and the Gulf of Carpentaria … plus hundreds more iconic destinations. The TV show celebrates its eighth season in the summer of 2015, and looks forward to plenty more red dirt under the tyres.