The Magazine

This magazine comes with a lofty aim – to be the worlds’ best 4X4 magazine. And why not? Australia has the most progressive and vibrant 4X4 industry on the planet, so why shouldn’t it have the tome that reflects this position?

It was for this reason that we opted for the magazine to be known as ‘The Essence of 4X4 Adventure’. The word ‘essence’ refers to an undiluted form, free from clutter and thoroughly beautiful in its execution. The information inside would be without peer; the research and effort behind it honest, authentic and uncompromised. Of course, theory is one thing; practice is another.

To make it happen, we first decided to cap the advertising at 30%. Most 4X4 magazines run advertising at 50% and above. We committed to a lower level of advertising to give the stories and pictures the ability to breathe. And speaking of breathing, we also use paper from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) sources. This means that the paper is from sustainable sources; and if you like, we can tell you which tree in which forest it was cut from, which truck it was loaded on, and which ship it was shipped on, right through to which printing press it went through. Pretty cool, but also an affirmation that we’re serious about not mowing down Malaysian rainforests. In addition, PC Publishing vehicles are signed up with Greenfleet to carbon offset fuel usage.

With our advertising we’re also donating 5% of revenue (as opposed to profit) to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). This wonderful organisation is working to find a cure for Juvenile Onset (Type 1) diabetes. Pat’s son Bill has Type 1, so it’s a cause close to his heart.

The pages are bigger too – printed on a paper quality hitherto unseen in the 4WD market. This makes our big pictures stand out, and gives the magazine more of a ‘coffee table’ rather than a ‘catalogue’ feel. We also believe it’s important that the magazine is printed, designed and produced right here in Australia – a rare thing in today’s market.

Of course, while we think all of that is pretty important, most of you guys just want to know where you can take your 4WDs, how to get there safely, and what sort of gear might come in handy on your adventures. As for gear, we’ll tell you … truthfully. Whether it’s how to brew the best coffee on the road or which tent to buy, we’ve got you covered. And we will NEVER publish ‘bought’ product reviews or run advertorials masquerading as product tests.

So there you have it: ‘Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures’ – a collection of breathtakingly beautiful adventures from both here and abroad, honest product reviews, inspirational vehicles and really well researched yarns. This formula is designed to allow you to eke the most out of your own bush adventures, with a substantial knowledge base that will exponentially add to your journey: Because after all, that’s what we’re here for…