ARB air locker replacement for 70 Series LandCruiser released

ARB has released an Air Locker to replace the factory diff lock in the Toyota 70 Series LandCruiser, it will be available from March and is priced from $1095.

ARB has announced its new rear diff Air Locker for the 70 Series LandCruiser. Designed and manufactured in Australia, ARB’s air lockers can be activated at any speed, at just the flick of a switch. For the 70 Series, ARB will connect the air locker to the factory locker switch to make the conversion both neat and easy.


A differential lock is important in off-road situations where you’re lifting wheels, or there’s low traction. This is because the power from your engine wants to take the path of least resistance and will go towards the free-spinning wheel with no friction, leaving you stranded. This is where you need a locker that locks the differential splitting the power 50:50 along the axle providing it to the wheel with traction, keeping you moving forward.

ARB Air Lockers come with an unlimited kilometre five-year warranty. The ARB Air Locker for the rear of the 70 Series will be available in-store from March 2020 and retails for $1095.

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