Limited-Edition RM Williams Yard Boot 365 Launched

ByIsaac BoberNovember 4, 2019
Limited-Edition RM Williams Yard Boot 365 Launched

Former Qantas and Apple designer, Marc Newson, has joined forces with RM Williams to design the limited-edition RM Williams Yard Boot 365.

RM Williams has collaborated with Sydney local and for design boss at Qantas and lent a hand in the design of the Apple Watch, Marc Newson, has reinvented the iconic Gardener Boot. First launched in the late 1950s, the Gardener Boot was, according to a blurb at the time, intended to handle “the combined effects of mud, water and sand”.

The all-new Yard Boot 365 is a limited-edition boot, bench-made in South Australia, and can only be purchased online although it will be available in selected stores from 11 November; it lists from $445.

According to Marc Newson,“As an Australian, I was thrilled to have been asked to design a boot for R.M.Williams, a brand that I have grown up with and have great appreciation for ever since I got my first pair of boots in my early teens. I have had the most fulfilling experience collaborating with this company and especially designing a product that I have always loved.

“The new Yard Boot 365 is a product which is I hope both modern yet communicates the values and craftsmanship of R.M.Williams. It is always very important for me to integrate the DNA associated with the brand I am working with and incorporate it in the design. It is not about re-inventing the wheel but respecting the DNA of the brand.”