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2020 Pajero Sport Update

Thank goodness they’ve kept the tail lights … said nobody ever

Mitsubishi’s mid-sized SUV ute crossover is getting a refresh, and while its looks are getting a change up, the infamous tail lights seem to be staying put.

However the front end of the Pajero Sport is getting a facelift, bringing it more inline with the styling cues of the newest MR Triton. Along with the ‘Dynamic Shield’ front end, Mitsubishi seems to have made the car even boxier, making the ‘Sport’ name even more confusing. The rear has had some adjustments made to it with the bumper seemingly more obtuse than the previous models, and an updated boot spoiler as well.

In terms of mechanical changes they seem to be unlikely, with Mitsubishi keeping the 2.4-litre turbo-diesel engine in the MR Triton, it’s assumed that Pajero Sport will follow suit. Currently with an eight-speed automatic instead of the Triton’s six-speed it’s unlikely to see a change in transmission either.

We haven’t seen much of the updated interior apart from an apparent updated instrument panel, which finally delivers a digital speedo, as well as all the other expected information to be presented in front of you.

The 2020 Pajero Sport will be revealed by Mitsubishi on 25 July in Thailand and we will bring you any news on further changes to this strikingly divisive 4WD.


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  • I have the ’16 model and think that MM have made a mistake with the front end styling that will them cost sales. The rear lights serve to light the rear end to an exceptional safety standard – with or without the bottom reflectors.
    As for the rest, its just a great vehicle that keeps on giving.

  • I have found the taillights excellent at night. Superior to most of the comparable vehicles. I personally would never buy a 4wd for its looks, only for it’s capabilities and value. I have had a Pajero Sport for 3 years and done some great trips including Simpson Desert crossings without any problems. It is without a doubt the best value 4wd on the market. If I was looking for looks I would have bought a sports car.

  • The tail lights are not as long. They used to go to the bottom of the door but with the redesigned bumper they now stop higher up. A slight improvement.

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