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Ford targeting the youth with ‘Sporty’ new Ranger model

Will this new spec Ranger help Ford topple Toyota’s stranglehold?

Ford has released a new special edition model of its much-loved Ranger, the Ranger Sport. But don’t be fooled by the name, there isn’t much sporty about this Ranger unless you class black wheels as ‘racetrack ready’.

Based on the XLS model of the Ranger series, the Sport is aimed at enticing younger buyers by providing some of the technology of the more expensive XLT but at a sharper price, as well as providing some cosmetic additions.

In the Ranger Sport you can only have the five-cylinder 3.2-litre turbo diesel, not the infamous Raptor 2.0-litre, paired with either a six-speed manual or six-speed auto transmission, no 10-speed here.

The added technology the Sport gets over its XLS cousin includes keyless entry, push-button start, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, factory satellite navigation, and dual-zone climate control. It also has AEB, lane-keeping assist, lane-departure warning, and automatic high beam and traffic sign recognition as standard. In terms of cosmetics you get plenty of added black value, such as side steps, sports bar, tub liner, front grille, and mirrors.

Ford claim the Ranger Sport provides an extra $6000 of value in equipment, even though the manual is priced at $47,790 drive away only $3000 more than the XLS priced $44,790 drive away.

Do you think the Sport offers genuine value or is it just a sticker pack?


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  • Craig.

    Yeah m8, keep the old Luxy as I have seen a heap of the new ones blowing copious amounts of oil smoke out of the long pipe at the back.

  • Too expensive for what they are.. OVER rated and Trouble I hear with Cv,s Blowing and Lousey transmission and Torque converter… NO thanks i keep me ol hilux

  • well they probably wouldn’t be allowed to call it the Black edition as i am pretty sure someone else has done that before i personally would prefer the xlt or better yet the raptor . however people have been painting bits Black on cars to give it a sportier look for a long time. look at the euro cars that get black Badges, a black roof or some top end cars are also available in a flat black wrap. I personally would not consider any suv to be a sporty vehicle but define sport, don’t forget they race these things now and as for the price you should go and get the price of any oem gps or autonimous brakng system i believe if you wanted a cheaper priced vehicle this would represent quite good value

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