ARB partners with TRED to bring you the ARB TRED Pro

ARB have just announced their partnership with Australian made recovery board manufacturer, TRED. Through this partner ship they are bringing the exclusive ARB TRED Pro to ARB stores around the country. TRED are a completely Australian owned company, with all aspects of their design, engineering, manufacturing and material supply being kept Down Under. 

Recovery boards have become an essential part of a recovery kit for the 4X4 enthusiast with their ability to help self-recover when touring solo, when there aren’t any trees within reach for a winch or even just to assist the winch in getting up and out of a bog. The new ARB TRED Pro features a unique patented EXOTRED dual composite design, comprising multiple moulding processes and materials, which results in a flexible board fitted with glass filled nylon nodules. This offers far greater resistance to melting, and wear under the heat and pressure of wheel spin.

The transitioning convex to concave design, allows the tyre on the board extra surface area grip to bite into the TRED Pro, while further down the board it pushes the tyre up out of the bog, to get it back on to flat sturdy ground. The nodules themselves have been specifically placed to match the rubber blocks on a large range of popular 4X4 tyre brands to assist with biting into the boards.

The ARB TRED Pro is offered in an exclusive range of colours; black-on-black and orange-on-black. They also include a leash set for quick recovery of the boards after use. The ARB TRED Pro can now be purchased from your local ARB store at a RRP of $295 for the pair (East Coast metro pricing).


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  • Has anyone tried these yet? Even anyone from Pat Callinan?
    This is obviously their own promo facts, just would like a users opinion

  • i have have set of treds and after one use ( in mud) they really looked worn – all the nibs just got sheared off, it wasn’t like these was heaps of wheel spin, the car gripped and popped out. At twice the price I’d be reluctant to part with my hard earned.

  • they will need to undercut Max Trax to even be considered in the market considering normal Treds are allot cheaper also


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