Clearview releases their Next Gen Mirrors

In an exclusive with Mr 4X4, we can now confirm that Clearview Mirrors has just released its Next Gen mirrors, which are a completely new design.

Clearview has just released its newest offering when it comes to telescopic towing mirrors, called the Next Gen. Being four years in the making, the new Next Gen Mirrors from Clearview feature an updated design, and the ability to add all of the safety features of the most high-end four-wheel drives, yet give the ability to increase viewing width, and still feature the dual-mirror system that Clearview is well known for.


The Clearview Next Gen mirrors come in standard black, however, both chrome and undercoated (to enable vehicle colour-coding) are available. The new power-fold feature is also available with the Next Gen series, but if manual folding is more your thing, you can have that too.

Clearview Next Gen (3)

The new mirrors are smaller in overall size than the original Clearview Towing Mirrors, so are closer to OEM styling, yet are able to be extended up to 180mm out from the sides of the vehicle. This, according to Clearview, gives excellent viewing angles and reach beyond even the widest vans on the market.


And just to up the ante just that much more, if your high-end four-wheel drive features tech such as birds-eye cameras, blind-spot monitoring, included mirror heaters, courtesy lights and Cat 6 indicators, all of this tech is able to be adapted into the new Clearview mirror system.

The new Next Gen Towing Mirrors from Clearview have been under development for just on four-years now, and they are expected to be in stock by late-September 2020 for a 1 October dispatch date.


Clearview Next Gen 1

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