Counterfeit parts found in 60% of online searches

ByJosh NeedsOctober 23, 2019
Counterfeit parts found in 60% of online searches

Up to 60% of online search results connect customers with counterfeit products according to new research by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI).

New research from the FCAI reveals 60% of online searches connect consumers with counterfeit products. The FCAI is urging Australians to be more careful when buying online.

Chief Executive at FCAI, Tony Weber said,

“The advice of the industry is that customers should only trust vehicle parts acquired through the authorised dealer network. We aren’t talking about clothing or handbags here. Counterfeit automotive parts directly endanger lives”.

This research comes hot on the heels of counterfeit spark plugs found on the Australian market; these spark plugs had the potential to cause massive engine failure. Other dangerous fakes found are, oil filters that don’t filter oil, wheels that shatter at low speed pothole impacts, brake pads made of compressed grass clippings, and even brake components found to be containing asbestos.