Big Red Jacks recalled over potential to collapse

ByJosh NeedsOctober 22, 2019
Big Red Jacks recalled over potential to collapse

Six Big Red Jacks recalled because of potential to collapse when used, the products were sold in-store and online.

An immediate product recall has been issued for six Big Red Jacks produced and sold between 1 May 2018 to 26 June 2019. The recall covers a variety of jacks, from bottle to scissor with the recall stating the products have “non-compliant overload protection may lead to a vehicle collapsing on a consumer, causing severe injury or even death”.

The recall notification reads, “the products do not comply with the performance or labelling requirements”.

The jacks under recall include:

  • Torin Big Red two-ton scissor jack T10202;
  • Torin Big Red two-ton hydraulic bottle jack T90204;
  • Torin Big Red four-ton hydraulic bottle jack T90404;
  • Torin Big Red four-ton double ram bottle jack TF0402
  • Torin Big Red six-ton hydraulic ram bottle jack TH80602; and
  • Torin Big Red eight-ton double ram bottle jack TH80802.

The jacks were only available online via Big Red Jacks, at their physical store in Tullamarine, Victoria and also at their eBay page. Anyone who purchased one of the jacks should immediately stop using it and contact Big Red Jacks via sales@bigredjackste.com.au for a full refund.

This recall is a timely reminder that whenever you work on your 4X4 you should undertake best practice and that means not relying on a jack to hold the weight of your vehicle. Always use axle stands. Never jack a vehicle on an angle and always locate your jack on a solid base and always consult your owner’s manual for your vehicle’s jacking points.