Is this the greatest alternative to the high-lift jack ever created?

We’d like you to meet the newest member of the ARB family: The ARB Jack. You see, Jack is a high lift jack, but without the three-foot-long handle that wants to punch you in the jaw, or the scary-as-hell “just needs to go up one more notch” way to lift it. He’s a long-travel hydraulic jack. Think of him as the greatest alternative to a high-lift mechanical jack ever made. 

Jack is rather special in that he has all the benefits of a high-lift: he can lift heavy things really high, without all the scary, negative bits of being a mechanical high-lift. You can lift things a millimetre at a time, lower things just as minutely and carefully as you would with a hydraulic jack. Plus there are a tonne of features to go with him!

There’s a forged (not cast) quick-release foot to line up with your jacking point, the pivoting foot is designed to assist with breaking tyre beads, the body is aircraft-grade aluminium and fully anodised, plus the nitride shaft is military grade – meaning it’s durable, seal friendly and damn strong. It’s also got a teardrop shape to increase body strength, an integrated retaining clip for the handle, a body bumper so it doesn’t damage your paintwork, and a four-bar slider linkage for mechanical advantage and leverage. Oh, and it also comes with its own heavy-duty carry bag (yep, really). Jack’s rated to 2,000kg (tested at over 4,000kg) and will lift that 2,000kg from 160mm off the ground right up to 1,230mm – surpassing the typical 48-inch high-lift jack by a solid foot.

Pricing for Jack is set at $995.00 (based on east coast metro pricing).

We’re not certain when these beauties will be available just yet… but ARB has promised us soon!

What are your thoughts on the ARB Jack? Think it’ll be worth trading in the old mechanical high-lift for a hydraulic option especially because of the safety aspect – and knowing it can do everything a mechanical jack can do?



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  • As two women travelling in Africa, we are interested because we do not have the bodily strength to operate a normal HiLift-jack. So we are interested even if the price is very high. However, we have one question, we have not seen answered yet: What about maintenance? Does it have to be serviced?

  • Pricing makes the Trailer Mate caravan lifter look too cheap, I know it’s not an
    exact comparison but it is a guide at less than 1/2 price.

    • I would like to know how many of us were nervous using the hi lift. I was every time!!. Some close calls, I hate them. They are dangerous and yes I have used them probably more times than most have people looked at them. My wife got me to buy JACK because she can easily use it. Expensive? Yes i agree, so is insurance but peace of mind not to mention the SAFETY factor is a winner for me. Safety does cost money but being unsafe can cost your life. YOUR CALL !

  • Wow, at a glance I’d say ARB have backed a loser……
    nice to see them being ripped off. Now they know what their ‘one time’ customers must have felt like…

  • At $1,000 for this hi-lift jack you would tuck the bloody thing into your swag each night just to keep it warm & safe,also I would have a mechanical hi-lift jack to use as you wouldn’t to get your very expensive shiny ARB hydraulic hi-lift Jack dirty or muddy,just have it bolted onto the fourby during the day.Pat & the rest will be flogging this hard for ARB along the rest of ARB ridiculously overpriced gear.

  • I’m not currently an Off-roader,, But my experience with hydraulic jacks is not good. It seems to me that when the odd occasion occurs, the damn things fail. Give me a mechanical jack any day.

  • If I spend all that money I suppose it will be fine on my ARB bull bar but I will still have to crawl under vehicle with my bottle jack to the axle if I get a rear puncture.

  • Watch out for the China rip offs coming for 1/10 the price and every one will buy it people don’t care if it’s made in oz or in China if cheap there’ll buy it .Good product. But to expensive

  • Way too expensive for a jack that will be used in the muck. Take it from someone who knows what gunk does to hydraulics.
    Will not be buying one of these anytime soon.

  • Niche market and too expensive and probably will not work in horizontal position for emergency winching. So does it fail on the design test – probably…… My high lift has done its simple mechanical job for 40 years, cant figure out why ARB thinks the high lift needs redesigning.

  • It sounds like a lot of your readers have not heard of the Trail-A-Mate. It is a very easy to use Hydraulic jockey wheel that converts in to a jack when you need it. You simply swap the wheel for a solid base plate. It comes with an optional hook clamp that converts it into a Jack and I have lifted both my Caravan and Land Cruiser with the unit and swear by its reliability. And, it is about a third of the price! Caravanners around Australia have been using the Trail-A-Mate for years.

  • Having used a High Lift Jack for the best part of 20 years in many varied situations and having been lucky enough to see this in the flesh recently I can say that this an awesome product that far exceeds what you think of it from this brief article and a few pictures. Wait till you see it in the flesh and you will understand what it really is and how much safer and easier to use it is.

  • It sounds preferable to a traditional HLJ for my type of use.
    Then I saw the price and thought – “nope, won’t be buying one of those then…”
    What does it weigh?
    2,000kg list rating should be fine in most instances, but I had expected a higher rating when reading the article. Who cares that it’s been “tested at over 4,000kg”, the rated load is all that matters.

  • Typically overpriced ARB product. Hydraulics,dirt and mud are a good recipe for failure.
    Like everyone else with a budget and a brain I’ll keep the old girl.

  • This seems to be similar to the Radflo Jack previously sold by Snakeracing in NSW for around half the price but has now mysteriously disappeared from their inventory when I checked today, I wonder why?

  • Price way too high for a glorified pneumatic jack! My high lift has not let me down in over 30+yrs of 4wd!
    Most of ‘us’ have adapted many devices for other purposes, eg, using boat anchor to get out of that sand bog where you have no trees etc. handy to assist.
    Price it lower and i’m sure that the ‘new’ generation of 4wd push button ‘experts’ would be happy too have!

  • Most comments have covered what the average 4×4 user would think. Great for those who receive sponsorship from ARB having gear donated that the rest of their customers pay for. $995 WOW! how do they do it so cheap.Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Looks like a good effort to improve the traditional mechanical high lift jack. Changing to hydraulic activation doesn’t remove the main danger facing any high lift jack user – which is that the base slips or sinks into soft ground and the vehicle then falls suddenly.
    The suggested price is also well out of my reach and probably also out of reach of most other off road drivers. Price it under $300 and I would consider getting one but current price is far beyond affordable.
    ARB needs to have a long look at their pricing as most of their gear is no longer competitive with most other offers in the Australian market.

  • Like Andrew, way too expensive for the amount of use it would get. But what else do we expect from ARB?
    Can it pull fence posts up? Can it be used as a winch?

  • No way had my hi lift for 40 years and a hydraulic jack rated at 2 tons does not cut it with me to prone to bending at the angles you use with this type of lifting be okay for a Toorak tractor

  • Looks like a great bit of kit other than the price tag – I’d be more than a bit nervous about leaving it attached to the outside of the vehicle!

  • I would need to trade in 5 hi-lift Jack’s to pay for this. At $995 I honestly can’t see the benefit over cost on this jack.

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