Is this the greatest alternative to the high-lift jack ever created?

ByWes WhitworthMarch 27, 2018
Is this the greatest alternative to the high-lift jack ever created?

We’d like you to meet the newest member of the ARB family: The ARB Jack. You see, Jack is a high lift jack, but without the three-foot-long handle that wants to punch you in the jaw, or the scary-as-hell “just needs to go up one more notch” way to lift it. He’s a long-travel hydraulic jack. Think of him as the greatest alternative to a high-lift mechanical jack ever made. 

Jack is rather special in that he has all the benefits of a high-lift: he can lift heavy things really high, without all the scary, negative bits of being a mechanical high-lift. You can lift things a millimetre at a time, lower things just as minutely and carefully as you would with a hydraulic jack. Plus there are a tonne of features to go with him!

There’s a forged (not cast) quick-release foot to line up with your jacking point, the pivoting foot is designed to assist with breaking tyre beads, the body is aircraft-grade aluminium and fully anodised, plus the nitride shaft is military grade – meaning it’s durable, seal friendly and damn strong. It’s also got a teardrop shape to increase body strength, an integrated retaining clip for the handle, a body bumper so it doesn’t damage your paintwork, and a four-bar slider linkage for mechanical advantage and leverage. Oh, and it also comes with its own heavy-duty carry bag (yep, really). Jack’s rated to 2,000kg (tested at over 4,000kg) and will lift that 2,000kg from 160mm off the ground right up to 1,230mm – surpassing the typical 48-inch high-lift jack by a solid foot.

Pricing for Jack is set at $995.00 (based on east coast metro pricing).

We’re not certain when these beauties will be available just yet… but ARB has promised us soon!

What are your thoughts on the ARB Jack? Think it’ll be worth trading in the old mechanical high-lift for a hydraulic option especially because of the safety aspect – and knowing it can do everything a mechanical jack can do?