Meth found in 4X4 winches

Image courtesy of ABC News

Now for something a little left of centre: The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have arrested two men after detecting $13.5 million worth of methamphetamine inside 14 ‘modified 4WD recovery winches’.

From the images that have been posted up by the ABC, it appears that the cable drums have been removed, and replaced with meth, with steel cable being wrapped around a 1.25kg package of the drug. The AFP have stated that the winches were imported by air freight from overseas and there are further investigations ongoing in Malaysia. The winches in question appear to be of generic eBay/Ali Baba specification, without any brand printed on them, so no local manufacturers or retails have been caught up in the case.

Couldn’t be a more fitting shirt?

Should you happen to purchase a cheap winch online and find that it starts up, won’t stop, doesn’t sleep, and keeps asking if you’ve got a spare smoke, it might be worthwhile stripping it down to see what’s actually inside of it. Caution is of course advised, as we’re unsure how you would go about explaining that one to the local coppers.

If ever there had been a reason to not buy cheap eBay gear, accidentally getting one of these in the post is probably the ultimate.

Image courtesy of the ABC

Now that we’ve had meth found in winches, what will be next?


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