Help re-open the Bridle Track

Bridle Track to reopen

As most that visit the area would know, the Bridle Track out near Hill End, just north of Bathurst, has been closed to traffic since 2010. Reopening of the iconic track has been a talking point for both those in government holding the funds and making promises, and those avid four-wheel drivers who enjoyed use of the track before its closure. The track was closed in 2010, due to a single boulder that fell onto the track;  the track has now fallen into disrepair as no maintenance work has been carried out since.

The Bridle Track rock fall at Monaghan's Bluff that closed the track in 2010
The Bridle Track rock fall at Monaghan’s Bluff that closed the track in 2010

Paul Toole, NSW Minister for Lands and Forestry, and local member for Bathurst, announced last year that the NSW State Government has supported Bathurst Regional Council to re-open (or route around the boulder and damaged areas) the Bridle Track with a $2million grant to repair the road. Over six months on, the track remains closed and no inroads have been made to repair the track, or have it re-opened.

The Bridle Track Action Group¬†have received a firm commitment from the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party that states: “Irrespective of which major party wins the NSW election in 2019, the Shooters Fishers Farmers will maintain ongoing pressure on government, as a matter of urgency, in the new parliament, to re-open the Bridle Track.” With this in mind, the Bridle Track Action Group are calling for help from those of us in the 4X4 community to assist in delivering flyers they have made up, prior to the election scheduled for just two weeks’ time, in the local Bathurst government area.

Bridle Track to reopen

If you, a group of your mates, or your four-wheel drive club happen to have some spare time in the next two weeks to lend a hand delivering some pamphlets around Bathurst, the locals who run the Bridle Track Action Group are offering up the use of a property at Bruinbun for camping for you, your family, club and mates, in exchange for like-minded folk helping get the word out by delivering some pamphlets in the local area, and ultimately, helping to reopen the Bridle Track for all 4X4 enthusiasts to enjoy.

To help out, get in touch with the Bridle Track Action Group via their website here:, or email here:, or by phone on 0448 765 196.


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  • Did the track a number of times in the early 80s in a Holden kingswood and a Valiant charger. Great place in those days and would love to see it re opened.

  • Great track. To be honest as an adventure bike rider I prefer to have to rock there. By keeping vehicles out it has made it safer for us, esp’ on the tighter bends. But in saying that it should be reopened for all to enjoy. Alternate route to Hill End is Dixons Long point.

  • Showing my age now, as a kid in the 60’s we went camping here (Turon end) a couple of time a year. The drive in an old EJ holden or earlier was exciting especially on the rare event of passing someone coming the other way!!

    Used to get cold in winter, and even on the hottest days the river was cool.

    The drive to Hill End was always a highlight.

    • Too late, there was an article in one of the local papers recently, some one got tired of waiting and moved the rock themselves. The road is still “closed” and a little dangerous, but people are driving it.

  • This is definitely a track to be opened, my family and travelled it in around the early nineties and what a spectacular piece of hand built roadway the scenery beautiful and the camp site on the Turin river under the River Oaks second to none. The history of the early years of how the gold was found and sluished was unbelievable.
    However before visiting Hillend do some research of the area to fully appreciate the significance of the area.

    • Fabulous place isn’t it Peter.

      My understanding is that adventure motorcyclists are tolerated on the track and often camp there now.

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