20 Sep 2018

Solar Power for your 4X4 

Do you want to learn more about solar power for your 4×4? To many, it can seem like a bit of a black art. In this clip, Pat runs us through some basic solar tech for 4WD tourer. Different types of panels, regulation, and differences…

ARB Icons Project
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4X4 News: ARB Icons Project 

To celebrate their 40th anniversary, ARB are putting together a brilliant project that any 4WDer will love. Firstly, they are getting everyone’s opinion on what their favourite classic 4X4 is. The ARB Icons project is now going, and they are looking for your input. Based…


Product News: GME CB Radio Starter Kit 

There might not be an easier and value packed way to get quality communication for your off-road adventures. The GME UHF CB Radio Starter Kit (TX3100VP) comes with a compact 5 watt UHF CB radio, 6.6dBi antenna and mounting bracket. The TX3100 is extremely easy…


Product News: Kalahari Black Edition Awning 

The Kalahari Black Edition Awning expands on the already impressive Kalahari awning product offerings. This vehicle awning is built with quality materials and features heavy duty steel support hinges, which allow it to better handle off-road driving stresses and wind loads when deployed. The awning stores in…


Product News: Spotters Reload Sunglasses 

The Spotters Reload sunglasses are truly ready to adapt to and enhance any outdoor adventure you take them on. The interchangeable lens system on the Reload is super easy to use and features fully encapsulated lenses, eliminating the complexity and parts that can break, which you…


Product News: ARB Crossings Cover 

While water crossings can get quite dramatic, ARB has designed a product that is sure to make your next water crossing less dramatic than the music in their promotional video. The soon to be released (June 2015) ARB Crossings Cover is designed to help deflect water…