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200 Series LandCruiser gets a safety boost

Now in its eleventh year of production, after one face-lift and minor changes, the 200 Series LandCruiser gets a safety boost for the GXL and VX models.

VX Model Upgrades

Expanding on their driver assistance and safety features, the VX trim level gains blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, four-camera multi-terrain monitor, and auto-dimming interior and exterior mirrors; all of which were only available on the top-of-the-range Sahara.

The blind spot monitor warns when vehicles are present in the blind spots, where the four-camera multi-terrain system displays the exact position of the vehicle within its immediate surroundings on the 9-inch infotainment screen. It offers a ‘birds-eye’ panoramic view of the LandCruiser, and also offers an under-vehicle view when in low-range, indicating the location of the front wheels – essentially making the need for a ‘spotter’ on tougher tracks all but a thing of the past.

GXL Model Upgrades

For the GXL trim level, there is increased driver assistance with the addition of front and rear parking sensors that offer progressive audible and visual alerts. The brand new colour Muli-Information Display (MID) sits between the tachometer and speedometer within the instrument cluster.

The 4.2-inch MID incorporates odometer, trip meter, fuel consumption, eco-driving indicator, cruising range, gear indicator and various warnings. The steering wheel has also been upgraded with leather accents and controls for audio, MID and telephone.

Pricing changes

Changed pricing for the LandCruiser 200 Series starts at $78,190 for the GX turbo-diesel five-seater. Upgraded GXL is priced from $84,480 with the 227kW/439Nm 4.6-litre petrol V8 and $89,580 with the 200kW/650Nm 4.5-litre turbo-diesel V8.

Luxury VX and top-of-the-range Sahara models also offer the two engines, priced from $94,890 and $115,230 respectively for petrol power and $99,990 and $120,330 for the turbo-diesel V8.

Toyota Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said Toyota was continually improving all its vehicles to better meet the expectations of customers.

“The Toyota LandCruiser has been an Australian favourite since it first arrived here, regularly praised for its comfortable and extremely competent ability to get to the most remote corners of the country… and back,” Mr Hanley said.

“Part of that ability comes from its advanced technology to assist drivers whatever the terrain they come across and the upgrades we are introducing for the mid-range GXL and VX models, further aids that assistance,” he said.

Considering that the 200 Series LandCruiser gets a safety boost, is this enough to entice purchase? Or are you still holding out for the next generation?


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  • I like my 2011 200 series GXL, but have shelled out plenty of $ to transform it into a capable touring vehicle for outback travel. Other performance 4×4’s these days beat it hands down for features. I’d love to buy another 200 series, but only if the off-road gear dramatically improves. Given Toyota’s obvious reluctance to spent extra money on 200 series inclusions, I suspect that my next car won’t be a 200 series (or whatever they decide to name it).

  • Way over the top price for what it is Sucks fuel like no ones business The Toyota tax is outdated There is so much out there on the market that well exceeds the needs at a lower price tag of the cruiser. I have a 02 prado great unit just gutless & towing capacity guess a MUX is going to get my money

  • No point whingeing because the market is controlled by demands. People will pay $200000 for a Toyota badged car here in Australia that other competitors are selling for $25000 with 10 times more features. No good saying Toyota brand is unbreakable- that’s the image Toyota has successfully created to support its price gouging. In other parts of the world Toyota sits just in the middle as a respected brand not THE brand. I keep away from Toyota as much as possible and have no complaints either.

  • At 2750 kg empty and with an independent front end the 200 series can only dream of going were my 2004 wj grand Cherokee overland goes which has solid axle front axle front and back three link rear end the ho v8 takes it from 0-100 in 6.5 seconds after owning three land cruisers two Nissan patrols and a hilux I do know what works on bush tracks in Victoria Australians need to get over japers especially the current model diesels

  • I will stick with my Land Rover Discovery 4 thanks. Far better vehicle, goes wherever a Landcruiser will go automatically and far better fuel consumption. I have been towing a 3.2t van for the past 5 years right around Oz without any problems and with more features than the upgrade will add.

    • exactly my thoughts! Imagine going to work for days with trousers on without undies and then publicly announcing “from tomorrow all top of the range trousers will also include undies under!” That is how Toyota’s claims sound like. They are projecting an image that their badge alone is safe enough for those who can’t spend big bucks and all the safety goes to the wealthy. Mazda CX9 has more features than a Toyota-less cost and 5 starts. Sure it ain’t an off roader BUT still safe and better in all other ways.

  • I agree the Sat nav is way out of date even at purchase. How do you get the latest updates and how much. It is a joke.

  • Just travelled 13000klm towing a 3 ton van my 2017 vx handle so easy fuel economy wasn’t to bad considering overall weight 6.5 ton. Average over the 13000klm was 5.2 klm to the litre.

    • My 2006 1hdfte 100 series towing 3 ton van sitting on 100 kph 5.09 klm to the litre is the reason I will never buy a 200 series, and if in the unlikly event it breakes down I have a better chance of fixing it

  • I have had many Toyota Landcruiser’s over the last 40 + years and my 2017 GXL falls behind all of them only having travelled 11k.Towing a van the movement is no where as stable as my 100 series .The trim on seats is the biggest dust and static magnet ever.The sat nav is useless (I still hook up my Navman ) the screen is useless in daylight .We have a Subaru Impreza ,and Toyota should have a look at the sat nav it is chalk and cheese .The reason for Impreza was the steering against 100 series was too heavy for my wife to drive, had we test driven 200 series we would not have updated .This is the most disappointing Toyota I have ever owened and unfortunately the last .

  • My Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland with almost every feature available will do all that a Sahara does at a fraction of the price – and has a greater power to weight ratio. We previously had an LX470 Lexus which struggled towing a 3 tonne caravan which the Jeep manages amazingly.

    • No way in the world will your Jeep do or go the same places as a LandCruiser
      I have had to tow a few Jeep’s that thought they could ?

  • My 2012 model VX is awesome
    Tows well
    I’ve had it since new
    I can see the bucks in a new one when my six year old one is the same
    Except ARB improved
    So same tooling fo a long time
    Price is too much fo just electronics
    That are out of date
    A 80 grand Dodge Ram is getting a look in

  • How about Mr Toyota concentrate on fixing the DPF issues and dust ingress on their landcruiser, Prado, Fortuna, and Highlux models so people at least get some form of reliable machine.

  • Given how much you have to add onto it to match the rivals it is extremely expensive and that price point makes buyers look at the US machines when considering a tow tug. Toyota continues to price like its vehicles are bullet proof to price competition and breakdowns/recalls. Neither is true any longer. Their base model diesel price point should be significantly lower.

    I too will buy an older model strip it of the poor satnav etc and upgrade it so it works in the bush better.

  • Agree parking sensors on $85k car is not a newsworthy “upgrade”. It’s a damn embarrassment they ever shipped these vehicles without such bare essentials. The 300 series needs to really impress as the 200 is ready for an upgrAde to compete with Euro competition.

  • Seriously, where is the upgrade to the sat nav!!!! My car is 10 months old and it’s useless!!! Nice additions, but they should have been there from the start on such expensive cars… a lazy and defensive move from Toyota.

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