ARB: Try before you buy!

Considering the aftermarket accessory industry and range continues to grow, navigating the accessories abilities and ‘fit’ has become rather overwhelming in recent times. We try to keep you updated and apprised of what is happening in the market place, however there has never been a better way to make an educated decision, then to actually get hands-on with the accessories and see them working first hand. With this in mind, ARB have just launched state-based events that offer a try before you buy scenario, where you can go and test and try out all of the accessories that are on offer at the ARB Experience Days.

The ARB Experience Days will give punters the chance to participate in demonstrations, to review and see in action the various offerings. For example, you can see and ride along in a vehicle with the Old Man Emu BP-51 shocks to see their comfort and ability on an off-road course. At the same time, you can watch the locker button get mashed to see exactly how a diff lock works, and what it means on a tough track. The controlled testing environment allows the experienced ARB reps to push all of the boundaries you’d expect to come across in Aussie conditions, while allowing customers to get a feel for all of the accessories brought along on the day.

“These events will be a unique opportunity for our customers to come and experience some of our more technical and advanced products in real-world conditions. It can be difficult for our sales staff to really articulate the benefits of some of these more ‘experience-driven’ products, like suspension and differential lockers, in the showroom. We encourage any four-wheel-driver who is interested in learning more about these products to come along and experience them for themselves.” says ARB Brand Marketing Manager, Mark Berger.

Besides the live demonstrations, there will also be a team of industry experts along to go through all the nuts and bolts of how everything works, and their design to show you exactly what you’ll be getting and answer any questions.


Dates and locations are yet to be announced by ARB, however customers are encouraged to register their interest to be involved by heading over to

Would you like to get your hands on some of ARB’s gear at their try before you buy experience days?