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Hold your horses, but don’t hold your breath. Nissan is bringing the Titan to Australia.

In the face of a highly competitive and fast-evolving 4WD ute market in Australia, Nissan has all but confirmed they are bringing in some big guns to bolster their brand and position. That’s right, they’re going full-size with the Nissan Titan.

Nothing’s official until it’s officially official, but some executives have told us, in that style of saying lots without confirming anything, that it’s pretty much a definite. But, there isn’t really anything like a timeline at the moment.

The Nissan Titan is already available through speciality importers and converters like Performax International, but Nissan are one of the first OEMs to be openly talking about the plans of importing a full-size rig.

At a recent drive of the updated Navara (which you”ll be able to read here, at Wednesday), Nissan’s Senior Vice President of LCV Ashwani Gupta was quick to answer questions about the Titan. And while he didn’t confirm it 100%, I reckon he got to about 90%: “It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when”, he said.

Nissan have seen the Titan as a big success in the USA, where it has captured 3% of the ute market. That doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a giagantic market, so 3% is a lot of sales.

Nissan Titan XD Cummins 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel
The 5.0L V8 Turbo Diesel uses a compacted graphite iron (CGI) cylinder block, forged steel crankshaft, high-strength aluminum alloy heads, and composite valve covers.

Ashwani told us we are seeing the evolution of the typical ute market. It’s evolving at a very fast rate, especially in Australia. Everything is getting bigger and fancier, and moving up-size and up-scale. That means sooner rather than later, the demand for big rigs like the Nissan Titan will force manufacturers to field some options.

Seeing as Nissan already have the Thai and UK markets as RHD destinations, we’re not a lonely ophan amongst the left-hook countries. That means production of a full-size RHD Titan is more economically palatable, even though those markets haven’t evolved to full-size stage like Australia yet.

Australia is leading in ‘customer aspiration’ trends, which means companies like Nissan are paying us more attention globally. They will do it, but the question is how long will Nissan take to pull it off. So, what does that mean? I reckon Nissan Australia has requested it, and they are now in the long and slow process of making it happen.


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  • I emailed Toyota and Nissan 20 years ago about bringing in full sized utes after driving them in USA and Canada. One didn’t reply and the other thought the idea was stupid. The problem is Australia has always been a dumping ground for stuff that the rest of the world didn’t want and we have always been ripped off by large auto companies. If your tall like me and a lot of other Aussies we want more room, more power and more features in our utes.

  • Price is going to be the issue, people who can afford to pay the extortionate RHD conversion costs already do. What they need to do is get it affordable, if they do it will sell like hot cakes.

  • Back to the Future…
    Yes it was all done before ( putting V8s in 4×4 utes) by those of us who wanted more. They worked!
    Then Land Rover produced the Discovery 1. A V8 with 4 tonnes towing capacity !! Yes every one straight from the factory had it.
    Now roll on 20 years. Now all there is in the majority are little engines and limited towing capacity.
    So what I want to know is..How come some manufacturers got it so wrong?
    The market for small engines grew, but so did the market for big ones!
    The towing market has continued to grow but manufacturers must be in denial, or something.
    What happened to the well known marketing principal of giving the customer what they want?
    I think there are a whole heap of lessons there, just waiting to be re-learnt.


  • Most definitely needed in our market, we desperately need a factory RHD vehicle capable of safely towing larger loads. The current crop of dual cabs do not offer the capability (Despite unrealistic and unsafe claims) of what I require. Nissan would sell as many of these as it could bring to Australia if the price point is similar to USA market.

  • Such vehicles direct from the factory is very much missed. Having to strip down and convert to RHD is too higher cost (certain the Gov don’t mind probably get more tax). When I see big vans towed by 4cly Utes I shake my head.

  • Our dealer has a Titan PRO 4 X dual cab on the lot, AUD$ works out to be about double the USD$ My only gripe is the shifter is on RHS of column, I have a gammy right hand, but these have Aisan gearboxes & are fitted to many new trucks over there, with same set up, so I would prefer console shifting; see Chevy/GMC.

  • With all these modern caravans becoming off-road adventure vehicles, it makes sense to import the big utes from the US so that Australians have more options for tow vehicles. With most utes having a tow capacity of around 3 tonne, limits to what type of van/trailer you can use. I welcome these big trucks to come to Australia.

  • Lets get real , these utes are nothing more than work utes in other countries so lets drop the luxury taxs and all this price gouging and sell them at a reasonable price that the real people can afford

  • 5.0 litre v8 diesel or 3.0 litre v6 in the patrol please . always been the strongest just needs a better power plant. please . please.

  • Bring it on, it will be a hot seller here. I agree the price will have to be right so the average Joe can afford one.
    I would also love to see the 5.0 L Cummins put into the Patrol, that would be a great competitor to the Landcruiser.

  • Please, please bring it on! After owning a F250 4×4 with the 7.3 diesel for the past year my eyes have been opened. The problem any manufacturer will have here is we have been brought up on cruiser’s and patrol’s so the big trucks aren’t considered as being viable. You only have to see how many 200 series are being converted to dual cab utes and also how many big trucks are being converted to right hand drive to realise that there is a market for the big comfortable trucks. We just need a manufacturer to bite the bullet and build them factory right hand drive not converted. Nissan is the prime candidate here with the Titan and the 5 litre V8 diesel as it would give them a vehicle again to take on their old enemy Toyota. As the ad goes “shut up and take my money”.

  • About time. Us caravaners need more alternatives to the current batch of underpowered duel cabs. Unfortunately i can’t see the price being competitive. What we need is more grunt, more off-road ability, more ground clearance and more standard four wheel drive fittings as standard not as add-ons. Have them standard with a tow kit, decent bull bar with spotties, in dash navigation system, big wheels and all-terrain tyres. Also we need auto boxes with heaps of gears. Is anybody listening. We don’t need bling we need a work ute at a price comparable to what they pay in the USA.

  • Hold your horses, this has the potential to be another ute being sold for 3-4 times the price that the US market. There’s no reason to believe Nissan won’t rip us off like the other brands do….

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