Cape York tip reopened in last-minute deal

The decision to close off the tip of Cape York has been reversed in spectacular fashion with it being reopened after major backlash from both the locals and prospective tourists alike; albeit with a catch.

You may have read earlier (and only as early as last week) on that the Tip had been closed off due to a lack of facilities and the abuse of the area and general grubbiness of some of the visitors to the continent’s most northern point.


Thankfully, it’s now being reported by the Cape York Weekly newspaper, that an agreement has been reached between NPA Regional Council and the Gudang/Yadhaykenu Aboriginal Corporation, where the tip will remain open, however, there will be a further $10 fee placed on the cost of the Jardine Ferry price. This fee is earmarked to pay for upgraded facilities at the tip; which are supposed to include a proper car park at the tip, and also amenities and toilets.

Now before a few of you scream bloody murder about the price of the Jardine Ferry being a rort, remember that the price covers the ferry, access permits camping and general upkeep of the peninsula area.

As this continues to be a developing story, we’ll continue to update it as more information comes to hand. Stay tuned!

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