Down Low

ByEldon De CroosMay 19, 2011
Down Low

There’s a lot of great gear under the Patrol, gear that makes a great 4WD even better! Getting the most out of your tourer is all about using quality accessories from reputable companies – people who can give you the right advice on what’s going to suit your needs. If you are going to do, do it right and do it once!

Cooper Tires

To give the big Nissan excellent traction in the worst terrain and brilliant manners on the freeway, it wears a set of 285/75/R17 Cooper ST MAXX

Not only are the Cooper ST MAXX’s from Exclusive Tires tough and long wearing, they are great value as you only need one set of tyres for both town and country driving.

Long Ranger Fuel Tank

When you travel the type of distances that Pat does, you need to carry plenty of fuel.

The Patrol has been fitted with a Long Ranger long-range fuel tank from Out of Town 4WD, which replaces the standard 95-litre one and gives a massive 160-litre capacity…..

Out of Town 4WD have been making auxiliary fuel tanks for over 30 years and these tanks are tough, being made out of 2mm aluminised steel.

Old Man Emu Suspension Kit

When you are loaded up and out in the middle of nowhere, you need suspension that not only going to cope, but get you there and back safely as well.

ARB installed a set of tunable, heavy-duty Old man Emu NitroCharger Sport shock absorbers and heavy-duty coils. The combination of these two tried and tested suspension components give you the nest combination of great handling, a superb ride and brilliant load carrying ability.

ARB AirLockers

When the Patrol comes across a difficult obstacle, it’s a set of illuminated blue buttons on the dash that Pat reaches for!

AirLockers are about the best insurance money can buy for getting you out of trouble with a minimum of fuss or damage to your pride and joy. They allow you to send equal drive to all wheels at the flick of a switch, making sure you get through that difficult stretch and on your way.

And if Pat has to air down the Cooper Tyres, the AirLockers are run by the ARB Onboard Air system, meaning there’s a handy compressor under the bonnet to air up again.