Element Fire Extinguisher Sticks

ByWes WhitworthNovember 30, 2017
Element Fire Extinguisher Sticks

One of the newer, and cooler safety items to come out of SEMA this year, are the Element Fire Extinguisher Sticks. Based on a chemical reaction utilising potassium as the catalyst, the Element sticks are possibly the greatest safety item we’ve seen yet.

Gone are the requirements for a pressurised, large sized extinguisher. The sticks are just shy of 12″ long, and an inch in diameter, and are activated in a similar way in which you’d light a flare – minus the fire, flame, and general burning sensation.

Like a flare, but puts the fire out!

The top of the sticks are struck with the cap to activate, and a potassium charge flows out of the stick for 25 seconds, or 50 seconds (up to 100 seconds for the industrial size) based on what size you get. They also do not require service, nor do they expire – so it’s good until you use it – no matter when that may be.

But how does it put a fire out?

By ejecting potassium alkaline salts at the fire, the potassium’s tendency is to oxidise rapidly in the air – consuming all the available oxygen for the fire. So unlike a CO2 extinguisher smothering the fire, you’re removing the available oxygen. 

All of this, in a small one inch diameter product. The beauty is that it will fit behind the dash, and down behind the engine for an electrical fire, all without dumping powder or corrosive chemicals through your vehicle. Which unto itself is generally grounds to write the 4X4 off, regardless of the damage done by the fire.

They’ve launched in Europe and the US, with plans to move down under very soon. Keep an eye out for these little fella’s to replace your old, in-need-of-service, standard extinguishers.

Head over to Elements page here, to have a full read up on them – but we’re rather impressed!