First solid snow dump of 2018!

Unless you live north of Cairns, you would have noticed it’s been awfully chilly the past day or so. The good news is that there’s more to come over the coming days, in what has been the first solid snow dump of 2018.

Snow dustings have been seen in Barrington Tops in mid New South Wales, along the back of Oberon and a massive amount has fallen all across the snowfields in the Australian alpine region. Tasmania, meanwhile has received a massive amount of rain over the past few days with Hobart being just about shut down on Friday. Forecasters are still uncertain if the early snow means we’ll have a big snow season in the Alps this year, however do remain optimistic for the season.

Unsealed 4X4’s editor, Evan, and our road-test editor, Sam, both may have taken off to Oberon Plateau on Friday, for the day to bring the rest of us some photos to get the jealousy running hot. They did however, explain that it was for an article in Unsealed¬† 4X4, so make sure you keep an eye out for that one next month!¬†

If you were wanting to get out to see this snow dumping, head out soon, as it’s not expected to last, with temperatures expected to begin climbing again from Monday.¬†

If you do end up getting out into the first snow dump of 2018, make sure you’re safe, and someone knows where you’re going. Oh, and whatever you do, make sure you shoot us some photos and let us know how it was!


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