Saw blade wheels … just because you can

ByWes WhitworthMarch 24, 2019
Saw blade wheels … just because you can

Now for some Sunday afternoon frivolity; these legends (idiots, heroes, morons, champions … pick your own noun here), have fitted a Subaru with saw blade wheels. And then proceeded to drive wildly across a frozen lake.

Each of the saw blades weighs 35kg, and is a solid half-inch thick – just as sharp as they look. Despite the ‘bush mechanic fixes’ we could dream up with these, we’d not recommend adding a set of saw blades to the tool kit of your touring four-wheel drive next to the fencing wire just yet.

This little gem does, however, answer the age-old question of “can I utilise a saw blade as a wheel?” Everyone’s pondered this at 3am on a random Tuesday morning, right?

Well, even if you hadn’t, we have the answer here for you. Enjoy!

Next up, Cape York on roller skates! … no … not really.