Ngkala Rocks impassable, Diray and Carree closed on Fraser Island

ByWes WhitworthFebruary 28, 2019
Ngkala Rocks impassable, Diray and Carree closed on Fraser Island

After Tropical Cyclone Oma lashed the east coast of Australia last week, damage to the beach has left Ngkala Rocks impassable, and Diray and Carree camping areas closed off, on K’gari – Fraser Island.

Parts of the Great Sandy National Park have had to be closed off by Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service from 26 February until 31 March 2019. The closures have occurred due to erosion of the beaches, as well as damage to the access roads to the camping areas (Zone 9 – Diray and Carree). The closures will allow the local rangers to assess and repair the damage done to the in-roads to the camping areas, and ensure they can be safely travelled by all visitors to the park.

Ngkala Rocks remain impassable, with a warning to motorists to ensure they are travelling around low tide, due to the erosion of the eastern beaches of Fraser Island. QPWS have urged all visitors to the park to ensure they adhere to all signage, barriers and directions from rangers, and not to enter the closed areas. They have also reiterated that on-the-spot fines will be issued to anyone observed driving over vegetated dunes.

If you are heading over to Fraser Island in the next month or so, make sure you are careful as to where you go, and vigilant to the changing beach conditions on the eastern side of the island. As always, make sure you watch for any signage closing areas off due to damage, and visit https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/fraser/  to check on conditions, closures and park alerts before travelling over.