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Ever wondered where to get those mini number plates for your bike rack from?

It’s the question that a lot of mums and dads ask when they lob the kids bikes on to the caravan or camper trailer for a weekend away; where do I get those mini number plates from, and what is legal?

Our mates over at Yakima have put together a great little article, that you’ll find here,  that gives you all the information that you’ll ever need.

When you’ll need the replacement plates, is whenever you’ve got a bike (or anything for that matter), that obscures your main rear number plate in any way. The replacement plates need to be able to be seen from 20 metres away and clean from dirt.

Unfortunately, DIY and the old ‘cardboard and texta plate’ are considered illegal, and can land you in trouble with the local coppers. Chances are you’ll receive a fine and possible loss of demerit points if they catch you with a home-made set – so it’s certainly better to be safe then sorry.

The write up from Yakima runs through where you can purchase legal plates from, what they’ll cost you, how to order them, and roughly how long they take to show up.

So make sure you head over to their site here, and have a look at how you can get your hands on a set of legal, mini number plates.



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  • Pay for plates and they sell your information to marketers, what a bargain.
    “We may also exchange your personal information with service providers engaged to assist with services including data processing, data analysis, information broking, credit reporting, online computing, printing, contact management, legal, accounting, business consulting, marketing, research, auditing, archival, delivery, security, investigation and mailing services, and in the provision of RMS and myPlates products and services.”

  • No mystery here , simply go to vicroads and order them .
    As for trailers that you don’t have to register ( private use 6×4 ) you can purchase plates for them . They will have their own number so can be towed by different vehicles. No rego charge just the cost of the plates .

  • In South Australia trailers have to be registered and the small plates for your bike carrier are available from the motor registration office.

  • Isn’t it “funny” that bike racks require you to purchase a plate or use the one from your cas whereas trailers which don’t require registration allow the below.

    Unauthorised number plates

    Displaying number plates that haven’t been issued by VicRoads on a vehicle is an offence under the Road Safety (Vehicles) Regulations (except for ‘home-made’ plates on exempt trailers). This includes the illegal re-manafacturing of existing number plates issued by VicRoads in a different format, style or material.

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