19 Aug 2018
View from halfway up Uluru
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Man dies climbing Uluru 

An elderly Japanese tourist has died trying to climb Uluru. The man, aged 76, collapsed on one of the steepest sections of the Uluru climb around 4:00pm yesterday. Park Rangers were first to arrive on the scene, performing CPR until SES crews arrived. Unfortunately without…

TJM Recovery Snatch Kit

TJM Snatch Strap Recall 

Pluck out your snatch strap, the ACCC has issued a recall for some TJM 8T snatch straps as purchased individually or as part of a recovery kit. While the straps are perfectly safe to use, TJM are still calling on customers to return the straps for…

campsite stolen
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Campsite stolen! 

A pair of nineteen year old landscape photographers had their complete campsite stolen while they were out taking photos this weekend just past. The pair, Isaiah Huthnance and Jasper Kilkelly, had set up their camp at Polblue camping area in the Barrington Tops National Park…