Putting it on its side – rollover!

ByMark KendrickMarch 12, 2019
Putting it on its side – rollover!

It’s an accident nobody looks forward to.
It’s an accident many have witnessed.
It’s an accident thankfully few have experienced.
It’s a rollover!

And it happens to the best of us!

October last year saw Graham Cahill’s D-Max take a rest when he “zigged when (he) should have zagged” in an on-road accident. Luckily it wasn’t his precious Nissan ‘Shorty’ … although he rolled that a couple a years ago too!

Graham Cahill D-Max accident

Graham’s D-Max didn’t like cresting a non-existent kerb so much. Photo source: Graham Cahill’s facebook


Good ol’ Roothy, formerly of 4WD Action, then Roothy’s Lowrange and now a radio presenter. Bless his cotton socks, he seems to bugger every 4X4 he’s built, but that’s what you get off-road driving for a living.

These are stories that time tries to forget (and owners too!). Stories that make for learning experiences. Tales to be told late at night around the campfire.

Pat’s first 4X4 was a Series 2A Land Rover. While not a rollover as such, it didn’t last long in his hands, taking a pounding by the Pacific Ocean at Ngkala Rocks on Fraser Island. Live, learn and follow your dreams!

The more you drive off-road, the more likely you are to have an accident. It’s simple probability. Those who drive off-road for a living are going to have more chance of coming a cropper. Who would have the best coverage of such accidents? TV show hosts, naturally. Makes great footage even if none of it is planned!

The Offroad Adventure Show rolled a TJM HiLux on their fourth season; all the gory details are in the video below.

No strangers to misadventure, All 4 Adventure have had their share of tense moments. Heck, their show thrives on it. It’s the “Hey man, hold my beer!” of Aussie 4X4ing shows. There’s been a few  less smart moments like trying to ferry a quad bike around on a dinghy. But the biggest accidents, no matter who is driving and on or off TV, are usually caused by momentary lapses in concentration or fatigue-induced from the long hours that filming TV shows requires.

All 4 Adventure recovery gone wrong

All 4 Adventure recovery gone wrong. Screen-grab source: YouTube

Now All 4 Adventure, through their Unleashed TV, have had a real spanker. Brand new ‘Boss 79’, giving it a test drive in Queensland’s Glasshouse Mountains, on an easy section by many accounts.


It’s a sickening feeling when a 4X4 takes a tumble. Not all end in laughable stories recalled around the campfire.

Allan Skinner’s Facebook comment sums it up:

“Every one that owns a four wheel drive, it doesn’t matter if it’s a late model or an early model, it doesn’t matter if it’s modified or unmodified the one thing we all have in common is that no one wants to put the vehicle on the side. This may have been driver error, or simply taken on too much, you must be (honest) any serious four wheel driver has had a moment or two but luckily pulled through on all four wheels or (without) damaging the vehicle, Four wheel driving is a challenge and that’s why we enjoy doing it. For what ever the reason this happened, you have to feel for these guys as there is a lot of repair work to be done.”

And as Pat says:

“Always keep the shiny side up”