UHF Channel Cheat Sheet

ByMark KendrickJanuary 7, 2019
UHF Channel Cheat Sheet

Enjoyed reading Issue 37 of Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures magazine? Don’t take to it with scissors just yet!
Here’s the handy UHF channel cheat sheet from page 103 to help you know which UHF channels to use.
Print it out and print a spare for your mate! Fold in half and keep it in your glovebox or centre console for the next time your usual channel is inflicted with unsavoury communications.

We have two versions, colour or black and white, to best suit your printer. Each prints best on A4 paper. Click on each link and a PDF file will open in a new tab, ready to go.

UHF Cheat Sheet colour

UHF Cheat Sheet black and white

Don’t forget to have a look at your radio’s manual and give CTCSS a try!