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Stockton Beach – Worimi camping and permits

Stockton Sygna shipwreck

There are two pieces of news regarding Stockton Beach|Worimi Conservation Lands near Newcastle regarding camping and permits.

Stockton Beach dune tracks
Permits provide access to 350ha covering 22km of Stockton Beach


The price of permits will increase as of the 1st of January 2019, to fall in line with other local accessible beaches, namely Blacksmiths Beach.

A range of permits are available:

  • Three-day permit $33
  • Annual permit $88
  • Annual pensioner permit $44
  • Annual RVA $88 (for conditionally registered quads/motorbikes)
  • Replacement permit $20

Permits are available from the usual places including:

  • 24-hour Metro Service Station (Williamtown), Corner Nelson Bay Road & Lavis Lane.
  • 24-hour BP Service Station (Salt Ash), Corner Richardson & Nelson Bay Road.
  • BP Service Station (Anna Bay), 135 Gan Gan Road.
  • Tackle Power (Mayfield West), Shop 2/15 Murray Dwyer Circuit.
  • Out of Town 4WD (Barnsley), 65 Northville Drive.
  • ARB (Lambton), 89 Griffiths Road.
  • Port Stephens Visitor Centre (Nelson Bay), 60 Victoria Parade.
  • NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service (Nelson Bay), 12B Teramby Road (during business hours).



Unrestricted camping on Stockton Beach is no longer an option, and fires can only be in designated fire places
Unrestricted camping is not an option, and fires can only be in designated fire places

Camping on Stockton Beach has been illegal since major storms washed a fair proportion of the beachfront away in 2012. Unrestricted camping is relegated to history now, however the Ganyamalbaa Camping Trial opens on the 15th of February 2019. Bookings are available from the 1st of February. Booking and payment must be made online, prior to arriving, via the Worimi Conservation Lands website.

Initially there will be a total of 15 remote campsites, allowing a maximum of eight campers per site. All sites are located south-west of Tin City. There is no other camping allowed on Worimi land at this stage. Conditions and locations are able to be changed as part of the trial to best preserve the environment, especially since the dunes are ever-changing, and to respect the traditional use of the lands.


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  • Money grab, that’s all it is. They make heaps from the port Stephens mayors company from mining, (if he’s still mayor). Greed be gets greed.. Sorry “traditional owners”, there’s nothing traditional about what is happening.

    • And, the European descendant ‘traditional owners’ are receiving 1.5B over the next 50 years for mining royalties. Wonder what the land council is doing with that??? Not a bad annual income for doing nothing then ripping off the public to drive over the spoils!!

  • Until we all stand together we are just going to continually cop this crap everywhere we go . I’ve sent the camp sites and there crap out in the open fenced in shit boxes . There got no idea I used love my Stockton beach until it got stolen and locked up .been to Fraser Island many times and they give people a decent amount of choice in camping sites .not here and Stockton is not pristine wilderness as it’s been bombed ,mined and ship wrecked and polluted from the past so why lock most off it up .its alright to drive on the dunes when u pay for a quad tour but no good to do it in your own rig . And millions of tons get carted away every year by truck . Bullshit won’t be back .

      • No – go to Cronulla or further south – much nicer down that way. Redhead is sooooo small it has been ruined by inconsiderate people driving like morons and disrespecting the local beach users & residents. LOTS of antisocial behaviour and has a past with mining and probable chemical contamination & sewage farm. Its scary with my kids too – you cant move because of the number of inexperienced people tooling up and down the little stretch of beach in brand new 4WDs as its so close to Sydney and the open space fries their brains.

  • $88? Ok I’m not complaining about the money side. But take a trip to moreton island and fraser island and have a look at their set out and what they provide for the money they charge. For example facilities for shower and toilets when camping and constant patrolled beaches for everyone’s safety..
    It’s fair to say we pay for those sort of camping places because we get something in return value for money… I think I speak for everyone that if u are charging $88 then you need to fairly provide the service we as 4wd enthusiasts are paying for… at this present time it’s not right to be over charged for a piece of land that use are mining on…

  • The good news for rational people is that there won’t be anyone on the beach cause they’re at home
    sobbing over $1 per week. Harden up cry babies. $140 per year for a bribie island permit. We can swap if you like.

    • Not the dollar amount and it’s not exactly apples for apple there mate either. This is simply to fund their ‘development’ of a accommodation so they can make even more money.

  • how ridiculous! so bloody expensive for the annual fee
    I loved Stockton beach because it was affordable to drive on compared to other ones, now it’s $88?!!!!

  • Totally agree. I too, after 40 odd years, will never go back to this ‘PUBLIC’ beach again. Simply a grab for cash with very little facilities provided in return with very unrealistic restrictions imposed. I suggested 30 years ago to have a look at how Fraser Island is managed- obviously the current ‘caretakers’ have never bothered. As for respect to the traditional use of the lands- wasn’t aware that sand mining a large chunk of the ancient dunes, where 5000 year old human skeletal remains are being found, was part of traditional life performed by a proud nomadic peoples. Sad- very sad state of affairs……

    • but there’s money to be made that’s the difference that all goes out the window,no special sites when it comes to money,don’t believe me check the rest of australia and c if im wrong.

  • Are they Kidding!!!! $$$ when my permit runs out I will not be renewing, so comes an end to my 40 years of enjoying my local beach, thanks!!!! and if no one pays, what then…. what ever happened to FOR THE PEOPLE….

  • Are they Kidding!!!! $$$$ when my permit runs out I will not be renewing, so comes an end to my 40 years of enjoying my local beach, thanks!!!! and if no one pays, what then….

  • Pure greed!
    That’s almost triple the current $30 / year fee. Nothing is provided for that fee, no shade, no toilets, picnic areas, water, ect. Now I don’t need any of that stuff, I’m happy to bring anything I need, but don’t be charging me a ridiculous fee to drive on sand that got there all by itself.

  • A $58 increase in one go, and with even less areas allowed to go and explore? Hmmm. Is this conservation or greed? Something sounds fishy to me.

    • jeez $88 for a year, $44 for some of you obviously retired whingers who have been going for 30, 40 years. Less than a tank of fuel for a full year of access and maintenance? It has to be the one of the smallest costs associated with 4WD. I don’t think any of you understand the costs of rehabilitation for the damage your cars cause.

      • It’s not the money so much as the proportional increase. Let them show these costs of rehabilitation. I’d love to see them. NPWS built the tracks. They have been reaping access permits for 10 years now. This is purely to fund their ‘eco resort’ – when does it stop becoming care taking and start to become greed?

  • Yep, just like it was so sacred before it changed hands and suddenly a half-built servo and a crappy container style motel, all in ruins, and now $88. Another fine piece of Australia locked away from the public. Simply stinks of profiteering on ownership

  • F… Stockton beach and the money hungry c…s that run it today Australia is no longer a free country with permits and passes for everywhere we go these days stick your beach up your arse I hope this detours people from going and you go broke trying to manage it !
    $33 a year for a beach permit is more than enough considering all you get is the privilege to drive on sand and free camp in our so-called free country
    How’s about I buy 4 quads so me my wife and two kids can go camping and riding for a few weekends a year that’s about $1800 a year in rego and permits hence the reason I don’t have 4 quads anymore and haven’t camped at stocko in probably 7 years where normally I’d be up there at least once a week till some money hungry pricks decided they can make a shitload of money out of the joint well guess what you won’t be getting a dollar out of me stick your sand where the sun don’t shine because there’s nothing free about this county anymore ?

    (edited for language by admin)

  • Total load of fucking bullshit ..its just another money grab..
    If there so worried about there precious fucking beach maybe they should think twice before trucking thousands of tonnes of sand to Sydney every week ….

  • What are these guys on? Increase in annual pass from $30 to $88 per annum. Camping on a patch of sand (byo everything) camping for family of four is $88 per night! At least provide an enviro drop toilet.

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