2020 Chevy Silverado HD: The Frullet?

2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD

Despite being the third all-new Chevrolet Silverado HD in just 18 months, the new 2020 model is quite possibly the ugliest rendition of the Silverado we’ve ever seen. But why ‘The Frullet’, you ask? It’s all business in the back, and some strange, new-age, party up the front.

No really, this is a face even a mother couldn’t love.

The front three quarters is a touch better than the square front-on shot

The details

Chevrolet have been rather vague on the details, however it will retain the V8 Duramax. They have also offered up that there will be an “all-new gasoline engine” too, but nothing on cylinders, displacement, or power. They’ve also said it is a ‘heavy-duty truck’ and that it is being built to these specs, tailor-made for those requiring more towing, power and just general ‘Murica than the light and medium-duty options.

2020 Chevrolet Silverado HD

Will we see it in Australia? Possibly, however Walkinshaw/HSV haven’t made comment on it yet. We’ll need to wait and see what they come up with, and whether there’s a market for the big rig.

Besides being a huge American truck, it does appear to keep to the utility design pretty well, despite the oddly strange front end. It features a huge tray area, as well as built-in steps for tray access.

What. The. Actual.

Back to that rather odd looking front end. We’re not sure they could have drawn the word “CHEVROLET” any bigger, or made the lights appear any more strange. The factory forward-facing roof-mounted running lights are a bit over-kill too right? Or, do you think we’ll see dual chrome stacks in the 2021 model? Maybe some HOOOOGE Kenworth mudflaps too?

But there you have it, the 2020 Silverado HD, with the oddball party up the front, and serious business in the back.


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  • I am an ex GM H employee ,and definitely like the styling of most of the previous Silverado models, and although I can see some vague styling cues of 60s-70s C10-C20 trucks I just can’t believe the clumsy styling of this one got signed off!.. Easily the UGLIEST front styling I have ever seen on a Chevy truck.. And lack of the world famous Bowtie emblem is an epic fail… Infact I think the front actually looks quite dated…. And for the record I AM a fan of a large range of previous GM vehicles… And as much as it may be a great truck, it’s front looks horrible!

  • remember this is american ute and like the rest of crap the Americans make it fits right in over there with all the other crap they make we should remind the Americans we are Aussies not Americans little brother that get me the hand me downs

  • I have done a lot of 4wd’ing around Oz and I have never seen a Chevy 4wd yet! So ,, who cares? I’ll stick to the tried and proven, ever reliable (ugly?) Toyota Troopy.

  • remember when they took our Commodore to USA, apart from making it left hand drive they also modified the front end appearance to make it ugly so it would sell in the USA.

    • Another dick without any knowledge “they”didn’t make it left hand drive Holden did in Australia and they didn’t redesign the front end Holden did in Australia a Pontiac style front for Pontiac and sold the Holden front as a Chev in the Middle East. All made at Elizabeth SA on the same line. Do your research before you comment.

  • Yep a bit ugly like a Toyota and yet it still tows better, carries more stuff and will hold it’s price better than every other non-USA ute here in Australia.

    • AHH A 2.7 L 4 Banger !! Would be like the Nissan put some weight behind it and wouldn’t pull the foreskin off a unic ant. Those “V8” figures are what academics put on paper . Look at the torque & power figures on a Mazda RX8 and would wager there’s not a RX8 or any rotary in Aus with a tow bar. litres enhance torque when towing and put that Chevvy against a 6.7l Ford F250 diesel and see what tows what

  • It’s missing something…oh, I know. Where is the famous “bowtie” we all love and know should be on the front of these trucks? I’d rather the bowtie than the word plastered over the front. Trying to do a Ford but just doesn’t come off quite right…

  • I just died a little inside… but thanks for letting me know the bad news Wes. I’ll try not to shoot the messenger. But lay low for the next few days regardless… ?

    • I couldn’t agree more. No wonder the American auto industry is in trouble. They have no idea how to design cars.
      Everything is designed to smash through a brick wall using brute force. Could you imagine trying to see over the bonnet of that piece of junk.

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