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Is this appropriate off road driving?

GQ Patrol Hooning in Namadji National Park Brindabella Ranges ACT

There’s one GQ Patrol owner whose hooning is likely to find him in a bit of hot water very soon if not already after a video was posted by ACT Parks and Conservation on facebook of someone having fun off-road at Bulls Head in  Namadgi National Park, the park that covers the ACT side of the beautiful Brindabella Ranges south west of Canberra.

Now, some of us like to have fun, some don’t have enough power to pop a single pegger on black ice.

…and then there’s this bloke. Drives into a National Park. Tears the crap out of the grass. Leaves a churned mess.

Isn’t it just a transmission easement?

Yes. At first glance, there’s a flat bit of cleared ground, a transmission easement, which had been bulldozed years ago and gets slashed every summer as a fire break. It’s not threatening the critically endangered Leadbeater’s Possum or destroying the last vestigial habitat of the recently extinct Lesser Bilby.

What it is though is hoon behaviour. The very thing that most 4X4 owners try and distance themselves from. We love our 4X4s, we love driving, modifying and spending excessive amounts of money to get from point A to point B the longest most impractical way we can. We don’t want our favourite activity curtailed by bureaucrats and tree huggers. Don’t give them ammunition by hooning!

The solution

Should you feel the desperate need to chuck doughies, there are places to go for this. We call it private property. There’s Landcruiser Mountain Park in QLD and TJ’s 4B Park near Sydney and most likely others that have mud flats exclusively for cutting sick in RWD. There are diesel drags at various drag strips around the country. There’s your own front yard, especially if you’re renting.

On public land? No. That means no hooning in National Parks, State Forests and Crown Land. That also means transmission easements are off limits for hooning.

UPDATE: Landcruiser Mountain Park don’t allow circlework. Probably because it is antisocial. Thanks to the comments left letting us know better!

While you’re at it

If you think you have mad driving skills, and this bloke sadly doesn’t display any here, don’t rely on National Parks to film you, find a properly difficult track and a mate with a GoPro and show us your actual talent on youtube!



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  • bit lame. i drive a petrol v8 and pin it at the rev limiter and rip 4wd doughnuts. looks like a good spot, next time I’m there ill give it a go. a thicker sway bar with disconnects is a good idea as it is better for flex and doughnuts.

  • Your making a big deal out of nothing. These days our young arent allowed to do anything. God forbid your a male and act like one. Its becauase of men like you that have become feminised that we have lost so many rights in this country. Back in my day we would do this kind of thing and nobody would even blink.

  • Two weekends ago I got some high resolution photographs of some Patrol and Landcruiser owners driving the same way in sand dunes at Breton Bay north of Perth. While I don’t condone this kind of behavior on public land, I am guilty of doing the same myself. Wearing the devils advocate hat, there is a part of me that sees a level of responsibility choosing to do this where they were. Unlike the video above where the damage is severe and the tracks do not recover well or at all, at least on flat hard packed sand on a windy coastline, the tracks carved by circle work are gone within hours. Tread lightly on Public and Private land has been a mantra of responsible 4WDers for longer than the 26 years I have been 4 wheeling. Pat Callinan Media is one of the last responsible media groups that haven’t forgotten that. It really is no wonder that this kind of driving is becoming more common when you see the kind of driving being recorded and published in videos by the likes of the crew in that other publication, 4WD (bogan) Action.

  • Ok Ok Ok “I`m Sorry Guys, really sorry!!!
    yep its me! – little Tommy T in the big GQ driving like a dickhead!
    I wont do it again, i promise. I am writing to the National Parks to apologize for my bad behavior too.
    Go easy on me, i feel so much better now i have confessed my sins. The future of us driving in National Parks is safe now.
    Thank you everyone
    little Tommy T

  • I anguished over putting a response here for a long time; as someone who has and is still overlanding since 1974 – What do we expect from the impressionable immature ill at ease youth; we do have ads for the Ford,VW, and other showing stupidity, environmental disrespect , this also extends to many of the so call 4WD show’s aired also. I know many are going to scoff now, but I am so blessed to be able to do all the adventures in the magnificent country without GPS, using Auslig, trigs and compass bearings and without the mantra “my 4×4 accessories are bigger than yours””
    Seriously I meet people that believe they have conquered this country, when really all they have achieved is drive down a dirt track using a GPS with 10 of their mates;

    The saying “” all the gear and no ideas has never be so apt

  • As an avid remote tourer and 4wder, to me it looks like a crucifixion as it chewed up before he starts however, it is this behaviour that ALL 4wders will get tarred and branded with. The replies here are farcical to say the least!! To some of you young immature bucks, do you want me to explain farcical to you?? To some of you older bucks, now I’m really rolling my eyes. No spinning of MT tyres………..please…………MT’s are designed to be spun to clear the tread!!! The obvious young fella (who else would waste money on KINGS gear), I’m sure he is getting a ribbing from his mates and sore knuckles from his peers and will one day learn from his mistakes…….now to all who chastised patrols, you all must be saints and virgins, (and that includes 4wding) as you obviously do no wrong………

  • Hold up people , yep for sure wat a wanker in a national park of all places . But where else can these type of activities be done to allow all walks of people to let it outa there system . Weather you agree or disagree, why don’t all you complaining tools do something constructive & campaign to have designated areas
    ( hoon pads )
    Assigned in every state & territory for such activities. You can’t & wont stop boys being boys .

  • Wanker Patrol drivers seem to be the worst out in the bush. This type of bloke does not listen to sense. Oh well – he’s the one with the issue of having an extremely small penis

  • Come on everyone, Really. Everyone who goes off road spins a tyre to some degree otherwise you should stay on the bitumen. My muddies spin when I’m in mud even when I’m trying to ease it on. Mt tyres also spin in sand if I don’t let them down enough. Nature of off road. Yeah this young fella was carving up a bit but it’s on an open bit of firebreak trail away from other vehicles and bystanders. Fairly weak to crucify this guy for getting a bit loose while he’s waiting for his slow mates with full time 4WD going slow up the track trying not to spin the tyres and holding everyone else up. He’s doing alright actually controlling a drifting vehicle without letting it get away from him at a very slow speed. Even impressed the GQ was getting some spin. Semi road/off road tyres barely pick up any dirt anyway in wet conditions so he would not have even moved much soil. Calm down everyone, we’ve all been here when we were young. To be honest, the older 4WD’s are the best to master off road conditions as the driver really has to use his skill set to get around compared to these newer no brainer, point and shoot 4X4’s. At least he wasn’t starting bushfires or bush bashing with his bull bar for no reason. Some of the hate comments are so strong you’d think that he committed a serious crime against you personally. Boys will always be boys. Keep calm and Namaste.

  • Maybe all advertising for rechipping/reprogramming of 4wd vehicles should be removed from your magazine to discourage the style of modification that makes this behaviour all the more possible.

  • Mate you’re a dickhead plain and simple. It’s absolute idiots like you whose actions result in locked gates and loss of access.
    Maybe there should be a mandatory impounding of the vehicle involved is stupidity line this as well as a hefty fine. Enough of the softly softly approach.

  • That sure is a pathetic performance, (but thanks for showing us all the same)
    next time i`m in that area i will show you how its done properly! Supercharged, LS-1 style.
    I will give you whinging bitches something to really whine about, that there is nothing !!! its a bit of car control practice, my 11year old boy drives 10 x harder and better one handed.
    thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  • Actually, only poor 4WDrivers spin their wheels. Apart from the fact that many tire-makers spend Billions on trying to make a tire that grips (not spins), it is the inexperienced driver who spins wheels. When a capable driver covers the same track, his wheelspin is kept to a minimum and lack of spin is his badge to show others how capable he really is.

    • Mate I, be been reading all these comments and and yours is the first to make sense of on the tracks you see the wanders that rip tear and bust to get through the totally wreaking the track often w wrong tyre pressure and motor screaming and a winch on the front they are to scared to use someone might see them

      • I see it on the beach all the time as well. Idiots that don’t air down either because they don’t understand or couldn’t be bothered to carry a compressor, all 4 wheels throwing up rooster tails of sand because their 40psi tyres. Then they feel that they are self entitled to have someone help them get out of the hole they have dug for themselves.

  • He is absolutely not a competent 4 wheel driver just an idiot with no idea one can only hope he grows up before injuring someone.

  • You shouldnt be advertising that you are allowed to do “doughies” at landcruiser mountain park.
    It is clearly stated in the rules and strictly enforced that no “doughies” are allowed on their property. Its a 1 way ticket to get banned.

  • That’s pretty tame really but it doesn’t help keeping tracks open for all users. We all did this kind of thing when we were young and once you get a busted wheel bearing, peeled the tyre off the rim or just star to get a bit older, things settle down. Young people having innocent fun without realising the implications. He was just having 50 seconds of fun in front of his mates. Gallows not required.

  • Not on public land but okay in your front yard especially if you’re renting – that comment just blew your credibility. I would otherwise have agreed with you.

  • Not on public land but okay in your front yard especially if you’re renting – that comment just blew your credibility. Iwojld otherwise have agreed with you.

  • What do we expect when we have IDIOT TV adds for the Ford Ranger Raptor and the Amorak going to air showing stupidity, environmental diss-regard and absolutely bad safety habits.

    It is not acceptable to run these adds at all, take some ownership Ford and VW, stop this kind of crap…

  • Hi there mates, I love the environment and I love the vegetation and 4wding , i have no respect for all who damage the environment especially people leaving rubbish behind, i actually pick rubbish that is not nine and take it Home, but im being honest Here i dont see a damage Here as you see the track is so wide and no green anyway ,
    of course because driving on wont let it grow,, no im not saying he has the right to do what ever suits him , hell no , but the authorities aren’t fair as well as their way of solving the issue is closing the areas! Slacks , more and more money wasted on other stuff , hoons and litterrers and bad people always excited, of course the more population the more problems, 98 percent of the people do the right thing so why the authorities Close an area because of one or Two percent of the people do the wrong Think?
    As i said before and please don’t think im encouraging this idiot. Im talking in general.

  • Interesting that most people are critical of idiots except for the “Boggan” idiots who do this stuff percentage here is about right? It is a pity the producers and editors of TV adventure shows and magazines are not more proactive in this respect, certain shows show large caravans being towed across the Simpson Desert with the approval of the “Ranger” and most magazine extolling the virtues of over souped up and raised vehicles tearing around beaches doing just this kind of thing. who is to blame?

  • This has been happening for years, 2% of the population spoiling it for the 98 % who are responsible people. Bee Hive Point in beautiful Kangaroo Valley is the latest example I am aware of. Irresponsible 4×4 people cut down trees along the river front, left lots of rubbish and every hoon had to have their own bonfire. NP placed a massive steel gate 4-500 mtr from the river. Now it is very difficult to launch a canoe or kayak. Launching a heavier Hobbie craft is extremely hard. Target Beach in Jervis Bay is another example.

  • Unfortunately I have witnessed this vandalism a number of times either after the event or during. The last time we reported the mongrel and he was caught and fined. The more all 4wders,campers etc act on these occurrences and report them the better.

  • I just got a few words for the driver of the Nissan. “mate, I am not here to condemn. We all done something in life that we won’t be proud of. It’s the age factor or simply just one of those moments that we can’t think straight and unfortunately, that would be the part of life that we later don’t feel so proud of. You may think that you didn’t do much but this would give the park’s authority a weapon to ban us all. You are a 4wder and I guess you’d love your 4wd and 4wding just like the rest of us within the 4wding community. Please think about the rest of us 4wders when you do something like this. If the Park and Wildlife Office decided to ban 4WDs, it’s not just you but also your mates and the rest of us. We all make mistakes in life. The only difference is whether we have learnt something afterwards. I sincerely hope you have learnt something”.

  • Muppet, no brainer or just having fun, it’s illegal on the black top, it’s a public road that makes it illegal & yes he’ll be the first to cry for help when something goes wrong with his rig after all the stress he just put it through.
    Hope it breaks soon!
    Others have control of there impulses for the ones that don’t PLEASE charge him/them & get them off all our roads, streets & public tracks.

  • And this is why I’ve gone back to riding a registered enduro bike in the bush. Smaller footprint ,more tracks and I’m not painted with the same brush as this idiot and the main reason 4wders are getting locked out is some dickheads think it’s there right of passage to make there own tracks. They are your real problem

  • Yes we should all be concerned. Its not that I haven’t done this in my youth. But it was on private land. And I had fun. But this public form of hooning on State Parks or Forrest land is going to get us all locked out.

    Its happened already in lots of places, lets not invite more shut outs. Find a private area where you have permission to do this. Definitely not in Parks and forests.

  • If you think that is cool – you are a Fucking Wanker – stop spoiling 4wding for the rest of us and sell you 4wd and buy a shit box holden to burn out at a local shopping centre .

  • Unfortunately these types of muppets are growing in numbers and it is going to affect all of us who enjoy getting out and about in this great country so if you see it film it and send it to the authorities.

  • Terry and Anonymous – it’s idiots like you, who think as you do, that this sort of bullshit is OK. You will eventually realise the errors of your ways when all and sundry, including you, are locked out of these areas, permanently. The saying is ” you never shit in your own nest” which is what you two obviously enjoy. So crap in your kitchen sink and leave it there a week and see what the rest of the family think. Perhaps they think as you do, or, you could be living elsewhere? Idiots!!
    As stated by others, there are places where this behaviour is tolerated, go there, do your worst, perhaps waste yourselves, doing all the rest of us a favour.

  • Yobbos like this are exactly why I’ve been saying for years that there should be separate licence’s to drive a 4WD. Why should the sensible drivers who know what tread lightly means be locked out of the National Parks because of these morons?

  • LCMP must have changed their rules then, because in 2013 a written condition of entry was no doughnuts.
    It was grounds for immediate expulsion from the property with no refund.







  • Must be a Nissan Patrol thing – saw a similar wally doing a big power-slide through the mud in the car park at Eastern Creek Raceway for the 4wd Adventure Show last weekend. Lots of parked cars and pedestrians everywhere and this clown couldn’t help himself but to behave like a moron for all to see. He the proceeded to park on top of a mound designed to separate the upper level car park from the lower level car park, really if he had a brain he would still be a half wit !

  • Just an outright d#%khead,
    It’s these blokes why us 4wders are loosing access to our great outdoors and giving the tree huggers something to go on

  • Well I have sending Pat and others emails for years about inappropriate behaviour on their shows, And showing inappropriate modifications and unnecessary modifications for years. You own this, you would rarely see this sort of thing 40 years ago, we did not have all that gear or power?

    • I feel that the NPWS in all states are in some way responsible for the hooning and rubbish that is in their parks,they (the national parks) like to take camp or park fees in a lot of places,so they should employ many more rangers with that money,hoons know only too well that the chances of being caught doing this crap are very remote.i WOUILD LIKE TO KNOW HOW MANY RANGERS THERE ARE FOR EVERY SQUARE MILE of national park. There are rules in place,for shit sake,enforce the rules.Take their cats away from them,

  • As an older ( very old and grumpy according to some) country person who is always yelling at the kids because one paddock is bare from them and their mates doing circle work, Really come on people, at least he is out of the way Its wet and slippery not digging up the ground , Jeeez if anything the bloke should send the parks a bill for maintaining their firebreaks for them.
    And yes grass does grow back

    • I believe that if you look up the definition of “public road” you will find that this is one.
      National parks are public places. The public do have access and are driving vehicles there. Works for me. So the fool can lose his vehicle and have it crushed.

    • This is disturbing, this wankers have no concern for the environment or other people, when this goes wrong people get hurt then other poor suckers and emergency agents are left fixing and dealing with the incident ! It’s straight up hooning and as it’s a garzetted road, impound and crush his car !!! Unfortunately we let people like this breed.

    • ‘Pretty inappropriate’ – perhaps the moderators need to rate PCM ‘M15+’ – lighten up mate, we’re not that serious here nor would we expect anyone to take the comment literally. Coal for your stocking this Christmas.

      • I’m glad Chris gets my seemingly inappropriate humour, I apologise to all the Steves out there that have had issues with their rental properties, and have since lost my non-existent rental income because of my lacklustre sensibility. Luckily for society all my 4WDs are constant 4WD and underpowered so I can’t rip skids in my own front yard, or i’d be a right menace. I recommend owners of 1990s Clubsports with steel rims as reliable renters that will do no evil.

  • I even question the car company ads that show their cars driving fast in ads as a bit of weekend fun. Too many people go way to quick in the bush forgetting a car could be coming the other way.

    • exactly right my friend !!
      Another solution is to cancel ALL the credit cards of everybody and re-issue them only to persons that can show that their earnings can repay that loan on there with decent stipulated monthly repayments !!!!
      That certainly will get these young f###ers and other low live out of buying the goods that they don’t deserve by having done nothing or very little for it, as is the case now these days. No reward for the credit bludgers. It also needs to be made more and more aware in every holiday, 4×4 and other travel magazines that if a crap is needed in the bush that a shovel is not needed if it’s not around, just burn the toilet paper without causing a major fire. It’s so easily done and people are just not aware of it or think outside the square. Gawdd, what’s this world coming too, I despair !! If only military service for young men and women was compulsory right around the world !

    • Wouldn’t have been if the meatheads hadn’t ruined it. Typical ignorant meathead comment. What’s your IQ? 12? Human beings really need to separate themselves from these lower forms of primate.

    • Its the do gooders that have the power to close the parks and tracks most of us love to drive, so if you want to let loose then do it in your own yard or find a private property that will allow you to do this, instead of getting our tracks closed for a couple of minutes of stupid fun.

    • “Come on is that it he didn’t dump 200 l of old oil here it was already a flat we have too many do gooders”

      Look at that – the drivel of a 5 year old barely able to express a coherent thought. Yet it is allowed to have a licence and not only that, this anti-social moron is compelled by law to vote. No wonder this country is stuffed.

  • It is this type of moron that get us lock out they have no regard for our country and should have there 4×4 crushed, there are so many placers that I go that have dunny paper and poo left laying on the ground, rubbish left in camp fire placers and camp sights it is no wounder that we are getting locked out, we must all get together and stop this stupid people getting us all lock out.

  • Doesn’t surprise me at all. Is not the first and won’t be the last. Looks like he’s not the first to do that either given the track marks.
    We were in the Wolgan Valley last week and a group of muppets brought 2 big dogs into ‘little Capertee’ camp ground which is NP. One was a wolf hound. Then they decide to take the wolfhound into the glow worm tunnel – absolute muppets. They received a warning from a NPWS – woopie. My plan is to enjoy Australia before the landowners and governments shut us all out, the day will come unfortunately.

  • And this is exactly the reason that we, the law abiding non-knuckle dragging responsible bush loving 4×4’ers are losing more and more tracks. This footage should be passed onto the NSW or ACT police and as this is a public area, this driver should be treated the same as a hoon on the street with his vehicle being impounded and his licence suspended ! Make a prime example case out of this moron and show others like this dickhead that it won’t be tolerated AT ALL ! ZERO tolerance is needed. Then we might see tracks staying open for longer. This is the sort of dickhead that probably leaves half burnt camp chairs in fires, empty monster, red bull and beer cans everywhere like witnessed recently at Wheeny Creek too ! Why should others be tarred with the same brush and are penalised for the behaviour of these irresponsible clowns !

  • Please post and let us all know if he was charged and the outcome. Public awareness of outcome is the best to stop these idiots,

  • I’m probably going to annoy a lot of people here but there is another Mag/DVD that although they talk about responsible 4WDriving, by their own behaviour seem to let people think that tearing up tracks and spinning wheels is the way to do it. Nothing could be further from the truth as it just gives responsible 4WD owners a bad rep.

  • Well I am sad to say that there are some 4×4 tv shows that have their fellows apply the berries as they put it.I have been 4 wheel driving for over 40 years and I really think there are more hoons these days.I also see so much (in my opinion)foolish things being flogged on TV like dragging caravans (off foad) really only to sell the product.Travel light and enjoy nature.Dont turn our bush into a leafy suburban noise pit.go just about any where in the bush nowadays and you find yourself surrounded by toilet paper/rubbish and some people that have music loud until early morning.with no thought of other people or the bush.

    • Typical response from someone immature because they believe this is ok and not important because grass grows back. Grass won’t grow in ruts and churned up holes apart from the fact it is a firebreak and also affects the wildlife. People like you ruin places to visit and eventually have them closed because you think you are all that doing doughnuts when in actual fact all you are doing is proving how small your manhood is.

    • Thanks for your constructive commentry Terrance. We can all rest easy knowing you are working hard to get the rest of us locked out of National Parks and public land.

    • you are a total moron fuckwit who should not be allowed a drivers license let along access to a vehicle with 4wd – fuck off back to you Xbox and stay off the roads, beaches and bush

    • Calm down people!!! He does 1 x full circle and 1 x figure 8 in a big heavy GQ very slowly!!! that`s it!!!
      He does n`t crash or hurt anybody, Get a grip on reality and have good look in the mirror if that worries you, Its a Nanny story, in a nanny state from whats turning into a Nanny publication, Total FBS.

        • Who calls them self “Diesel Dave” you ask?!?
          Diesel Dave is a legend of the highest order, he has an impeccable service record with 7 tours of duty and a VC and so many, many other medals.
          The Star of Gallantry, A distinguished service medal, Hello – just to name a few. You can`t even begin to imagine the things Diesel Dave has repaired, rebuilt, restored and made work & even made not work, I once saw him make a bazooka out of a piece of exhaust pipe, a pool ball and some kerosene and it took out a armored personnel carrier!
          He IS the original one man wolf pack, He is like Liam Neeson, John Wick,
          Jason Stratham, Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force, Rambo, Samuel L Jackson and The Rock all rolled in to one, my ill informed friend. Everybody in the 2nd Commando regiment knows exactly who Diesel Dave is Mr L Scott.

      • Diesel (or dickhead) Dave – national parks were created to PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT, not for some dimwitted tool to tear up to get there rocks off. If you want to do this sort of damage – confine it to your own back yard (we will see how long that lasts)

  • Sadly the toolers seem to be increasing in number. Too many areas of Central Queensland have been closed because of idiot behaviour. 5 Rocks is a nightmare on weekends and it seems like smoke belching Patrol’s are the weapons of choice among the idiot brigade.

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