Kia tried Moab. Jeep trolled on through

You may remember the Kia Sorrento that took on Hell’s Revenge, a renowned ‘Jeep’ trail in Moab, and surprisingly drove it.
With aftermarket all terrains tyres, bash plates, removal of sway bars and who knows what else they didn’t tell us about…

Kia Sorrento fail on Moab


Jeep saw the video too… and in a blatant p!sstake, have made their own happy Halloween version:


While the Sorrento may have made it once, the Jeep could do it again and again and again…


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  • I am a jeep Owner and as much as I love my Jeep and think they are great, their advert is just as bad as KIA as they have modified the jeep, their claim of Jeep no modifications needed is not correct. Take a Jeep Limited or standard Laredo there and see if that works just as well.

    Using the Trail Hawk with underbody skid plates and air lift suspension is like getting a standard car and modifying it. Hardly standard – might be for that model.

    Not trying to defend KIA but just dont like stupid ads and marketing rubbish.

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