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2019 Kia Sorento is a hard-core off-roader!

Kia Sorento does Moab

No, really?

Take a stock AWD 2019 Sorento, bolt some off-road rubber on, a couple of bonus bash plates and disconnect the sway bars and you too could drive Hell’s Gate on Hell’s Revenge in Moab, Utah.


Clearly a spotter is critical in technical driving especially with something as far from off-road oriented as a Sorento!

Not saying you should try it though… there’s plenty of not-so-successful attempts, keep watching for more action!


Hat’s off to Kia for taking their soccer-mum mobile somewhere amazing!




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  • I have a sana fe it is a soft awd mostly with the ability to get me to my fossicking spots I go to . in Australia a 2wd will get you a fair way and my type is suitable for bush tracks and very good on the tar also economical. I had an fj 40 for ten years but it ate petrol like it was free ! it won,t climb rocks or go through deep mud holes but I don,t want to in the first -place !!! done that and no need to do it , if I can,t walk a few yards to a place you most likely need a dozer to cut a new track in .also if you know how to drive you can get through most spots with little trouble

  • Hard core what a load of bull shit ,what dick head would call that a hard core ,obviously never owned a proper hard core 4×4 don’t know to laugh or cry at the new generation that thinks this a hard core 4×4 .hang on I didn’t read the article maybe he was just taking the piss out of me then sorry I was wrong .still not going to read it .

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